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Madeleine - 10th - #8 - TV interviews

The time is around 9.48pm according to the church clock, and the interviews with Reverend Hubbard are underway.

Our gentleman in an orange T-shirt is there. 290 more words

Madeleine - 10th - #7 - media prize

The photo I am about to show you is particularly low quality, but it shows some of the backstage antics and I want to give you a flavour of reality. 404 more words

Madeleine - 10th - dodgy photos

This is what it looks like when a media scrum is awaiting the next important film shot. They don’t stand around taking a break, getting some peace and quiet. 342 more words

Madeleine - 10th - behind the scene

It is still only 9pm, according to the church clock. My camera makes it 9:06pm. This is getting very close to the time of the Jane Tanner sighting. 424 more words

Madeleine - 10th - Sky +

By now, the doors of the church had closed. Inside, the congregation got on with the service. Outside, the various reporting teams were working frantically. There was copy to be written and script to be rehearsed. 292 more words