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Martin Indyk: Obama “Has Essentially Written Off Netanyahu”

In the early days of his administration, President Barack Obama had a theory about Israel. “It was a wrong theory of the case,” says longtime diplomat Martin Indyk, but a theory nonetheless: If the president could put distance between the United States and Israel, then just maybe he could build up credibility with the Arab world — and ultimately be in a better position to help Israel negotiate for peace. 5,041 more words

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Natanyahu: Martin Indyk lies in PBS interview

Netanyahu denies saying Rabin would have lost elections if he had lived
January 6, 2016

Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday issued a total denial of the claims made by Martin Indyk in a… 109 more words

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The salami strategy: Slice Israel apart, piece by piece. Demand a slice and when Israel gives in, then demand another

Amnesia on Settlements Afflicts Martin Indyk
by Benjamin Korn
November 20, 2015

A form of amnesia must be affecting the Obama administration’s former chief Mideast negotiator, Martin Indyk. 124 more words

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Zionist Columnist Calls for Economic Sabotage and Cyber Warfare Against Iran

By Brandon Martinez | Non-Aligned Media | July 19, 2015

In an insane Machiavellian screed, American-Jewish archaeologist and Zionist propagandist Alex Joffe has suggested that the nascent West-Iran rapprochement in the form of the nuclear deal be used as an opportunity for criminal subversion and sabotage now that Tehran will ostensibly open up its economy to Western business investment.

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