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John Forbes Kerry, Marty "Smarty" Indyk, and ??? - how foreign money influences State Department

Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry said Sunday he thinks Israel is “heading to a place of danger” because of settlement growth, and he had been “pushing uphill” with the Israeli government, because a majority of the ruling coalition does not support a two-state solution. 578 more words


Martin Indyk: Obama “Has Essentially Written Off Netanyahu”

In the early days of his administration, President Barack Obama had a theory about Israel. “It was a wrong theory of the case,” says longtime diplomat Martin Indyk, but a theory nonetheless: If the president could put distance between the United States and Israel, then just maybe he could build up credibility with the Arab world — and ultimately be in a better position to help Israel negotiate for peace. 5,041 more words

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Natanyahu: Martin Indyk lies in PBS interview

Netanyahu denies saying Rabin would have lost elections if he had lived
January 6, 2016

Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday issued a total denial of the claims made by Martin Indyk in a… 109 more words

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