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The salami strategy: Slice Israel apart, piece by piece. Demand a slice and when Israel gives in, then demand another

Amnesia on Settlements Afflicts Martin Indyk
by Benjamin Korn
November 20, 2015

A form of amnesia must be affecting the Obama administration’s former chief Mideast negotiator, Martin Indyk. 124 more words

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Zionist Columnist Calls for Economic Sabotage and Cyber Warfare Against Iran

By Brandon Martinez | Non-Aligned Media | July 19, 2015

In an insane Machiavellian screed, American-Jewish archaeologist and Zionist propagandist Alex Joffe has suggested that the nascent West-Iran rapprochement in the form of the nuclear deal be used as an opportunity for criminal subversion and sabotage now that Tehran will ostensibly open up its economy to Western business investment.

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A Statement on the Crisis in the U.S.-Israel Relationship

by The Editors
March 23, 2015

…..The president’s displeasure and rage continued to grow, to the point that a few days before the speech, no less a personage than National Security Adviser Susan Rice said it would be “destructive of the fabric of the relationship” between the United States and Israel. 115 more words

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BBC's promotion of linkage between Congress speech and Israeli elections falls flat

One of the themes promoted by the BBC in its coverage of the Israeli prime minister’s recent address to the US Congress was that the speech was connected to the upcoming elections in Israel. 679 more words


Will U.S. Mideast Policy Take A New Turn?

The ongoing spat between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States President Barack Obama has drowned out an important issue. The entire question of the Israel-Palestine conflict seems to be out of sight and out of mind in Washington and the mainstream media. 126 more words

Chutzpah redefined

by Sarah Stern
December 18, 2014

In September 1993, when Yasser Arafat was recast from the role of “granddaddy of terrorism” to that of “peacemaker,” the Oslo Accords were marketed to the Israeli public and to world Jewry wrapped in the package of “reversibility.” I remember clearly when a friend of mine, a leftist television personality, assured me: “Don’t worry, Sarah. 50 more words

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The Arrogance of Martin Indyk

by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn
December 16, 2014

During an old controversy involving Martin Indyk, then the U.S. ambassador to Israel, one Israeli political official invoked a particularly nasty historical analogy.  35 more words

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