"A Crappuccino With Good Intentions": Before 'Conversation On Race', We Need Education On Race

Am I the only person in America not making fun of Howard Schultz?

The Starbucks CEO bought himself a ton of ridicule recently when he attempted to jumpstart a national dialogue on race by having baristas write the words “Race Together” on customers’ cups of Cinnamon Dolce Light Frappuccino Grande or Caffe Misto Venti with extra coconut. 637 more words



I like to have a plan. Even if I don’t have it written down I like to have an idea about how I’m going to accomplish something. 122 more words


I'm runnin' to the One who made every part of me in His hands.

When I was a little kid I wanted to be the music minister soooo bad! I wanted to lead the choir and chose the songs every Sunday. 681 more words


Be Of Service To Others....

  Focusing on ways you can help other people is a great way to put your own problems into perspective.  We often tend to magnify our own problems and think they’re much worse than they really are, but encountering someone who is experiencing even greater challenges sure changes that outlook quickly!   62 more words


Montreal this morning: Rain expected, but may be too windy for umbrellas

Before heading out the door, grab your umbrella.

Environment Canada predicts a cloudy day with a 60 per cent chance of showers in the afternoon. It may arguably be too windy for umbrellas but you can never be too safe! 331 more words

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Grandma's Jewelry

Sweet memories sitting on the flecked linoleum floor in my Grandma Bolen’s kitchen – Irene was her name, plump, vivacious, red lipstick encircling a jovial, laughing mouth. 674 more words


Aspects: Exploring the Square through Rev. Dr. MLK Jr.

In astrology, the square aspect is the division of the 360 degree circle by 4. This yields a relationship in which planets are in a right angle, 90 degree aspect to each other. 449 more words