The [Meek] Shall Inherit the Earth or The Earth May Engulf the [Meek]?

How come we must pick sides? Remember the Martin Luther King Jr. quote “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The reason why I ask this question and reference this quote is that people have been taking sides regarding the… 526 more words


Violence Begets Violence

I can understand a church’s desire to protect its’ people. We’ve seen far too many massacres at churches (or anywhere, for that matter).  But, despite that reality, threatening more violence in reaction to violence doesn’t even remotely approach having anything to do with the teachings of the faith. 401 more words

Living Faith

Two Big Things in Atlanta

We last visited Atlanta in the fall of 2013 when Elaine and I were on a tour of Civil Rights sites. At that time, due to a government shut-down (grrr), most of the… 301 more words

Between MLK and Malcolm X

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing in 1962, Baldwin uses his experiences growing up in Harlem and interviewing Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad in Chicago to analyze the larger racial problems in the United States. 94 more words

Book Reviews


There is a big and white house
built with chained ghostly voices.
Blood emerges occasionally from its gardens,
and a terrible, deep mourning is heard from far, far distances. 57 more words


The Origins of “Antibusing” Politics: New York City Protests and Revision of the Civil Rights Act

“On a snowy March day in 1964, over ten thousand white parents walked from the Board of Education Building in Brooklyn to city hall in Manhattan to protest against school desegregation in New York City.  245 more words

Civil Rights Mov.

The Alabama soap opera

“Christians of Alabama, we do not really know the truth about these allegations, but if you really are a Christian you have no choice but to vote for Moore, Jones cannot be allowed to win. 707 more words