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What We Still Don't Know.

Very interesting TV series I’ve found:

By cosmologist Martin Rees…


Breakthrough Initiative

Today Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking presents a breakthrough initiative for the search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

Astrobiology Magazine: Breakthrough initiative to accelerate the search for intelligence life in the universe… 18 more words


Yuri Milner: Why I Funded the Largest Search for Alien Intelligence Ever

On July 20, a consortium of scientists funded by billionaire investor Yuri Milner announced a $100 million project to answer one of the biggest questions in the universe: Is there intelligent life beyond our solar system? 896 more words

Martin Rees: The Post-Human Era is Dawning

Artificial minds will not be confined to the planet on which we have evolved

Martin Rees writes: So vast are the expanses of space and time that fall within an astronomer’s gaze that people in my profession are mindful not only of our moment in history, but also of our place in the wider cosmos. 566 more words

Think Tank

Utopia, Dystopia, Uncertainty and Our Psychological Selves

I have just finished reading Dylan Evans’ book “The Utopia Experiment“, which chronicles the author’s doomed attempt to found a self-sufficient community in rural Scotland as a post-collapse prototype for others to learn from. 1,356 more words

Climate Change

Our Dependence and Significance


We might or might not be free, but we are most certainly dependent.

Our existence depends on the air we breathe and on the space and the atmosphere that provides the kind of area in which breathable air can exist. 619 more words


Corola de minuni a lumii

Valorile multor constante fundamentale par stabilite exact pentru ca viaţa să poată exista. În 2000 Martin Rees a scris cartea “Doar şase numere”, în care vorbeşte despre şase constante, care dacă ar fi avut valori doar un pic diferite, noi nu am fi existat. 936 more words