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The "Schulz-Effect": Socialists lose first election under his leadership

Following the sudden ascendance of Martin Schulz as their new leader, Social Democrats in Germany have gone through a  delirium of optimism, hoping that the former EP President’s “popularity” and “leadership” would boost their chances to win the national elections in September. 176 more words


Setback in Saarland

The second smallest state in Germany made the Schulz train wobble today, as Angela Merkel’s CDU won a clear victory in Saarland. The CDU won roughly 40 percent of the vote while the SPD won 30 percent, die Linke took 13 percent and the AfD (yuck) received six percent. 750 more words


Odds and Ends.

On Friday night, I flirted with a young Italian woman. I hope I can see her again. She’s not the “amazing woman” that I immediately think I will marry, and who then… 562 more words