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TRNC News Today 4th November 2015 - OPEK accused of criticizing technical committee re cultural heritage

TRNC News Today 4th November 2015

OPEK accused of criticizing the technical committee regarding cultural heritage

It is stated that the Association for Social Reform, OPEK, which is active in South Cyprus, criticized the technical committee because of initiating the legal process regarding cultural heritage due to using Turkish names for the villages in the TRNC. 450 more words

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Peace and prosperity for all (in Europe)?

Sephelia Orinaca is with us from for one month for ‘work experience’ (that is, to be truthful, as an unpaid intern). [And I am very glad for the sake of peaceful conduct of business in the office that Louise has taken firm quasi-maternal action against young Simon’s obviously self-interested attempts to help Sephelia with washing of the tea-cups and disposal of the bottles. 891 more words

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Bundesregierung will viele Afghanen abschieben (Medien-Übersicht u. Kommentar)

Mit der Veröffentlichung des sogenannten Asylverfahrensbeschleunigungsgesetz im Bundesgesetzblatt am Freitag (23.10.) trat in Deutschland das verschärfte Asylrecht eine Woche früher als geplant in Kraft. Das… 1,268 more words


UKIP in the European Parliament: Representing Britain's voice or a national embarrassment?

Despite their overwhelming resentment to the concept of the European Union, UKIP are Britain’s largest representatives in the Parliament, but are they standing up for Britain’s interests or embarrassing our country among our continental neighbours? 532 more words


100 REASONS FOR BREXIT No 23: Labour's self-applied blindfold when it comes to EU fascism.

The British People need to purge sightless Labour of its Socialist SuperState dream

If I live to be 430, I will never understand the Labour Party’s unswerving support for an EU that says one thing in its laws and does another via the banks, corrupt bureaucrats and controlling multinationals that hijacked it long ago. 209 more words

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MEPs ask President Martin Schulz to ban Planned Parenthood from EP premises

In a letter that is reproduced below Members of the European Parliament have requested the Parliament’s President, Martin Schulz, to take action “without unnecessary delay”, and to “withdraw access to EP premises for IPPF and all its employees”.

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European Parliament: Schulz crony to be put in charge of AFET, DROI, SEDE, INTA, DEVE ... and Human Rights Actions!

Remember the Schulz power grab from April last year, where he sought to parachute 6 of his Cabinet cronies into key positions as Directors-General or Directors in the EP administration? 393 more words

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