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German Of The Day: Populismus

That means a left-wing political doctrine that proposes to help the common people who are being exploited by a corrupt dominant elite. Or at least the one I am referring to here is of the left-wing variety. 85 more words


EU Double Standards on Fraud: Schulz v Le Pen

Leading candidate in the French presidential elections, Member of the European Parliament Marine Le Pen has attacked the EU Parliament’s former president Martin Schulz, himself the leading candidate to be German Chancellor, for double standards on fraud investigations. 354 more words

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Wolfgang the bitter by Thanos Kalamidas

All it took was a series of comments from Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Federal Minister of Finance, and a survey from the German magazine Stern… 454 more words


Schulz scandal: Social Democrats now claim that fraud is "normal practice" in the EP

It appears that Der Spiegel is going to serve us the saga of Martin Schulz and his cronies only in small instalments, so that we can expect further details to emerge in the coming days or weeks. 519 more words

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Jean-Claude Juncker ready to quit EU stage

Jean-Claude Juncker has announced that he will not seek a second five-year term as EU Commission President when his current mandate ends. Following the departure of Martin Schulz as European Parliament President last month, the announcement gives the EU an opportunity to reform, free of the arch-federalist pair. 469 more words

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EU Parliament Press Service covers up Schulz scandal

Following the shocking revelations surrounding former European Parliament President Martin Schulz this weekend, the Parliament’s Press Service, run by a Schulz loyalist, has sought to cover up the scandal, refusing to highlight any media articles in their… 442 more words

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