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Spagat auf dem Pavianfelsen

Die Vorzeichen stehen gut für Angela Merkel. Alle Prognosen zur Bundestagswahl sagen der CDU einen satten Vorsprung gegenüber der Konkurrenz voraus. Das demoskopische Aufleuchten der SPD im späten Winter erweist sich als Strohfeuer, und Martin Schulz muss strampeln, um noch als glaubwürdige Alternative fürs Kanzleramt zu erscheinen. 316 more words



Today is Martin Schulz’s day of doom. The first results of the regional elections in the German land of North-Rhine-Westphalia are out, and it appears that the Social Democrats have suffered a spectacular defeat 78 more words

Angela Merkel faces key test in German state election -- "She is an unworthy chancellor."

BBC News

Angela Merkel has been campaigning with CDU candidate Armin Laschet. Reuters photo

Voters in Germany’s most populous state are going to the polls in an election seen as a crucial test for Chancellor Angela Merkel. 296 more words

Next election, next defeat for Martin Schulz

Somewhat overshadowed by the second round of the French presidential elections, the elections in the German region of Schleswig-Holstein have yielded a result that gives an indication of where Germany will be heading after the national elections in September. 283 more words

European Parliament

Martin Schulz opposes NATO’s 2% of GDP defense expenditure

New Europe, 11 April 2017

Martin Schulz made clear on Monday he does not intend to let Germany honour its commitment to NATO for defense spending up to 2% of the GDP. 268 more words

Review Article

What's-His-Name (SPD) Open To Coalition With Whoever

Only whatsherface (CDU/CSU), so-and-so (FDP), whatchamacallit (the Greens) and dinglehopper (the Left) don’t really want anything to do with him. Whatever.

Schulz’s approval rating has been on the up in recent months, with opinion polls suggesting he is in with a fair chance against current Chancellor Angela Merkel. 71 more words


Vince and Eugene at Image Flat

Itys Hut Image Flat (from the Collection of Martin Schulz)

The farm of my father AJ Schulz at Image Flat (Poona) in the Nambour district was home to three Italian Prisoners of War.  894 more words

Italian Prisoners Of War In Queensland