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What Sort Of Brexit Negotiation Stance Will We Be Facing In Brussels?

Martin Schulz’s recent opinion column in the Guardian appears to be an honest account of the prevailing attitudes in Brussels towards Britain’s EU referendum result. Is there more we glean from the article’s phraseology and choice of words that might help us better understand current EU sentiment? 397 more words


EP President Martin Schulz (Zionist Jew): Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the Jewish people.

Martin Schulz has been active in European politics for almost thirty years, and so he is a person who does not need an introduction. His position however is not one that is understood very well by normal people, because a lot of people don’t know what the roles of the institutions of the European Union in the post-Lisbon Treaty environment are. 258 more words

The Jewish Problem

The EU must not treat the UK as a deserter – we can negotiate without rancour | Martin Schulz | Opinion | The Guardian

With a new British prime minister in place we can all take time out to plan the future, but talks should begin in the autumn… 21 more words


Never change a winning team

Should we laugh or cry? In an interview with a German newspaper, Jean-Claude Juncker has said that he should remain at the head of the European Commission, and Martin Schulz, whose term as President of the European Parliament will end soon, should get a prolongation. 26 more words

European Parliament

The European War Union

We’re reposting, in full, a June 28, 2016 report on the newly announced plans for the formation of an EU army (with “employable high-readiness forces” and “standing maritime forces”) by the… 1,323 more words

Collapsing Constructions: Reflections on British Exit

by Wolgang Streeck, via VersoVerso

This essay was first published in Die Zeit on 30 June. Translated by David Fernbach.

We shall have to wait and see whether German “Europeans” will learn anything from the outcome of the British referendum. 1,748 more words


Underlying causes which led to Brexit

The philosopher John Gray argued on BBC Radio last week that Brexit will have a greater impact on the EU than it will on the UK. 598 more words

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