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Actors I'd Love to see in Science Fiction

Perhaps science fiction gets a bad wrap for detouring actor careers into dead ends or typecasting, but there are still many actors who not only would survive but thrive.   191 more words

Science Fiction

Top 3 reasons why 'Grace & Frankie' can have their cake and eat it

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “The Dinner” | Aired May 8, 2015

When your entire life has revolved around another person for forty years what do you do when they’re suddenly gone? 810 more words

'The West Wing' fan recap: There's a bad moon on the rise

Season 2 | Episode 19 | “Bad Moon Rising” | Aired April 25, 2001

That is one ominous West Wing episode title — unless President Bartlet becomes a werewolf in this episode. 1,014 more words

Judgment In Berlin, Dir: Leo Penn, 96min, 1988

Cold War legal drama about Jewish American judge presiding over a hijacking case in West Germany.  Enjoyable enough with decent performances but television grade photography, this felt like little more than a Midday Movie.   217 more words


Grace & Frankie: TV Review

Navigating human relationships is hard, regardless if its a lover, friend, or family member and with age you maybe wiser, but it doesn’t mean it becomes any easier. 669 more words


Freedom and Skype!

Yesterday I attended a meeting that I genuinely felt might never end…We started at 3.30 and we finally left the building at 7.  Well a few of us did when my boss told us to leave.   488 more words


Grace and Frankie

I didn’t have much going on today, so I thought I’d watch Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s show Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Well, there went my day! 753 more words

Adult Relationships