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Ask Me Anything Movie Review

Ask Me Anything stars Britt Robertson as a recent high school graduate who takes a year off before going to college and decides to anonymously blog about her sexual exploits. 59 more words

Noiseless Madman

Film Tour - Ghost Town: The Hebron Story

Ghost Town-The Hebron Story is a documentary directed by Ellie Bernstein, an advocate for social justice. The film released, in 2014, narrated by Martin Sheen… 118 more words

2016 Art 365 Challenge -Progress

Definitely making some solid progress. Not anywhere near where I want to be yet, but it still feels good to compare and contrast work from just a month ago. Onwards we plod

Badlands (1973)

Director – Terrence Malick

Starring – Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Warren Oates


What’s it all about? – Kit (Sheen) and Holly (Spacek) fall in love and go on a killing spree (in fairness it’s Kit that does all the killing) 152 more words


War Movies: 10 things You Never Knew about Apocalypse Now

10 obscure facts about “Apocalypse Now.”

I’ll never forget the first time I saw “Apocalypse Now.” Captivated, I stared at the screen for the 196-minute runtime as Willard journeyed upriver in the midst of the Vietnam War to assassinate the general-turned-rogue-demigod Colonel Kurtz. 457 more words

Military History

johnlink ranks ASK ME ANYTHING (2014)

Saw a few minute of this on cable and was intrigued. This is a movie about a girl who writes a blog. My blog is innocuous and generally reveals nothing about me personally, but her’s is an ‘anonymous’ blog about her life. 542 more words

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Digging Deeper - Apocalypse Now (1979)

Filmmaker John Millius (“The Wind and the Lion”, “Conan the Barbarian”) is said to have written the first draft of “Apocalypse Now” as early as 1969—the year the film takes place. 1,309 more words