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Celebrities' Advice For New Christians

Thousands of people repent of their sins and commit their lives to Christ every day, but what happens next? Here is some advice from well-known Christians. 569 more words


Body Camera Captures New Mexico Police Officer Saving Baby's Life

Newly released body camera video shows a New Mexico police officer performing CPR on an 8-month-old baby, an act that the young girl’s mother said saved her life. 178 more words


Watch Albuquerque Cop Save Baby Using CPR [VIDEO]

Officer Martin Smith responded to a home on May 14 and found the 7-month-old girl unresponsive, police say. The video shows Smith giving the child CPR and rubbing her chest before she responds. 173 more words

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'I come alive on God's Great Dance Floor!'

 Back from a totally awesome weekend at ‘Big Church Day Out’, a Christian music festival set in the grounds of a beautiful stately home in West Sussex. 967 more words


The Mystery of Rabina Khan's Wikipedia page and Mela trouble for Shiraj Haque

Firstly, thank you to the new wind blowing through East End Life (and to the reader who spotted it) for providing me with a new banner photo for this blog. 2,112 more words

Who's in the driver's seat?

Obsessive, compulsive and driven, I thought I had my journey all mapped out. I had dreamt about what it would be like. I’d read ‘guidebooks’ about where I wanted to go and about the journeys of others. 569 more words

What do we do now? – 3


Matthew 22:35-40


Pitfalls for the self-seeking

A way of loving God that feels good – an intensity of the Holy Spirit as Martin Smith and band lead a crowd of 7,000 in worship at New Wine 2014… 714 more words