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The Escape of Prisoner 614 (2018)

D: Zach Golden / 97m

Cast: Martin Starr, Jake McDorman, George Semple III, Ron Perlman, Sondra James, Michael Sirow

In the quiet southern town of Shandaken, crime is at an all-time low. 657 more words


Silicon Valley : Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Episode 6

We’ve now seen it all when we were introduced to Ariel and his robot Fiona who he sexually abused. There must be some kind of fall out for Richard outing him. 594 more words


Silicon Valley : Facial Recognition

Episode 5

Blame it on what you like but this season has yet to find its feet and with a decreased amount of episodes for the season that is a shame because it looks to be one of the weaker seasons of the whole series. 976 more words


I finished up the show “Tales From The Tour Bus”, by Mike Judge. It was mostly animated, and a unique behind the scenes stories from various country acts, Half of the show was spent on the combination of George Jones/Tammy Wynette and Waylon Jennings.  258 more words


Silicon Valley : Tech Evangelist

Episode 4

With a new COO Pied Piper is moving forward in the direction that Richard finally wants it too. Just first off they need to sort out the mole. 443 more words


Silicon Valley : Chief Operating Officer

With nowhere to stay the knocks keep coming for Richard and co, they sort out one problem just to have another one blocking their path. 551 more words


Silicon Valley : Reorientation

Silicon Valley’s return was difficult to watch and as the season is still finding its feet I don’t think the second episode will be much better. 716 more words