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Lemon Dream Martini

If you wish you could wrap your fingers around a lemon dreamsicle, this is a martini for you! It’s not quite as tart as a lemon drop, not as sweet as limoncello and the cream is the perfect addition. 189 more words


For its 3-digit birthday, The Breakers to serve drinking and dining specials

Readily available anniversary-gifts-by-year lists go up to 50 (gold) or 60 (diamonds), so if you’d like to recognize The Breakers’ 122nd anniversary, you’re probably on your own—but why not celebrate it with a Tootsie Roll martini? 187 more words



Vermouth is a delicious fortified wine. I had never appreciated it as anything other than one of the drip ingredients in a martini, or something that old ladies drank. 179 more words


Drink up and cool down!

Ok, so week 1 with my Pinterest challenge and I decided on 2 recipes to whip up. First and foremost, I should come clean, I have been… 600 more words

the daily purge 1-5-18

It’s a delicate, dainty blouse My Marta wore years ago. It’s delicate and dainty except for that


Good gravy! The Purging Lutheran can understand why MM quit wearing it. 165 more words

Allies Cocktail (p. 2)

Liz let me write the intro to this one because, like most high school history teachers, I’m something of a World War II “buff.” Now I don’t like using that word as much as you don’t like reading it, but there really isn’t another way of saying it. 473 more words

Adventure Time

Out and about the city with my people for Drinks and Dinner. And when the drinks are presented to you looking like that, the camera obviously had to come out. 24 more words