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Gaming update 8/21/15

Even though most of my gaming time (and other time!) is spent Ingressing, I’m still continuing with Marvel Heroes.    You can be forgiven if you’ve forgotten that, since the Ingress posts have crowded that out of the blog. 359 more words

What does it take to scratch that gaming itch?

Blaugust Day 19

I’ve always been a casual gamer, but my gaming habits have changed over time as life has become busier and I’ve transitioned from varying levels of education. 482 more words


Blaugust Day 18 - The Back Burner and Regret

Anyone who plays MMO’s or games in general a lot is familiar with the idea of a “back burner”.  You all know what I mean–the log of titles on Steam you snapped up on sale but have yet to install.   966 more words

MMO Things

Marvel Heroes: Lawyered

So I’ve had more than 400 Eternity Splinters burning a hole in my inventory for a while now, and haven’t been able to decide on which character to buy. 511 more words

Marvel Heroes Fan


Last year I had the chance to make a Marvel Heroes fan, 3rd birthday cake of Spiderman and Captain America. This year I had the chance again to wow this little fan with an Iron Man and Thor themed cake.

Fantastic Four: Spoiler-Free Review

No Spoilers

It’s surprising how much media attention Fantastic Four is receiving for being a terrible movie. Many critics and moviegoers have not hesitated to call Fantastic Four one of the worst superhero movies of all time in any social platform they can find. 406 more words


The Week In Review

I’ve continued to do a lot of Ingress, had a lot of fun, and haven’t found anything to write about to describe what’s been happening this week. 290 more words