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Twice as strong, and handsome as ever!

Yes, I played some more Marvel Heroes again after a little break. It’s probably a bad idea to not be in the mood during the awesome anniversary and with all the buffs, but I logged in daily and on Sunday and Monday I achieved quite a bit. 267 more words

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes becoming Marvelous

I jagged slowly along and eventually last week got Captain America up to level 60.   Yay !   I’ve hit the level cap in Marvel Heroes.     So, now what ? 469 more words

In Gaming, A Little Goodwill Goes a Long Way

I’m not really a big spender. Having five people dependent on my financial income has required that I be fairly judicious with my expense budget, especially with regards to non-essentials. 935 more words


The PC Is Not Forgotten

I’ve been running in Marvel Heroes again.     I currently have Captain America at level 59, and 60 is very close now.     Somehow, I had also previously unlocked the Hulk (16).   415 more words

Approaching a New Game for the First Time

With some exceptions, MMO players eventually leave their “first” MMO for something newer or different. Experiencing a new game for the first time (and having it click) is an exhilarating experience, especially when you start to realize the depth that lies before you and the potential it holds. 1,071 more words


Marvel Heroes: Master Marketers

Since Dungeons and Dragons Online opened the floodgates of mainstream F2P MMOs, we’ve seen a lot of gimmicks used by studios to fund their “free” games–pay gates, character restrictions, in-game advertisements, pay-for-hats, buy-to-play, and the dreaded and ever nebulous pay-to-win–but they generally have one thing in common: annoy the player into opening their wallet to make things easier or the experience better in some way. 698 more words