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Marvel Heroes, not so much cosmic

A quick one this time. A bit of work on Hawkeye, still in the low 40s, but Magneto (from my 300 days of Login bonus) is 60 – quite fun to play once you get over the very squishy first 20-30 levels. 40 more words

Marvel Heroes

Hawkeye's Cosmic Prestige, part 2

It’s nearly a week later and I’m Level 33 (and a bit) – this is really as hard as people wrote on the forums :P. I played most nights since the last post, but not much every time. 153 more words

Marvel Heroes

Phew, Cosmic Prestige

Yep, I did it. Took advantage of Monday Midtown Mayhem and started Cosmic Prestige on Hawkeye. Managed to get to Level 26 (running several XP boosts) in exactly 4 hours. 94 more words

Marvel Heroes

So much XP

Some updates. Spider-Man is Level 60 and a lot of fun. Levelling him was so fast that I decided to try something out as long as the A.R.M.O.R. 168 more words

Marvel Heroes


Sometimes being a completionist is fun. Chasing achievements, collecting virtual things, killing all bosses. This week Marvel Heroes had the Mystic Mayhem event (which should close down tonight) where you could do a quest to queue up for a 5man instance (a run takes ~10 minutes and the queue is hardly more than 2-5 minutes) and are rewarded with 3 Power Points (like skill points in other games) and a bit of permanent health (+63, and a typical Level 60 Hero has ~10k). 53 more words

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Update... finally

After the downer with RO I got into playing Marvel Heroes again (last post was June 30th, so basically I didn’t play for nearly 4 months). 172 more words

Marvel Heroes

Hulk Confirmed for Thor 3 Ragnarock

Thank’s to Emergency Awesome we now have confirmation that Mark Ruffalo will appear in his reoccurring role as The Hulk in the 3rd Thor instalment – Ragnarock which is coming out in 2017! I’m excited, are you???