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Captain America

The First Avenger…

Born in 1941, Captain America, the patriotic super-soldier, was the most popular superhero during World War Two (who’d have thought it?). Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, they donned the super-soldier in the blue, white and red of America and an almost indestructible shield, he was the idol of many soldiers during the tough war and brought a bit of peace to their minds. 152 more words


Statistics, April 2016 (Late edition)

Ingress :

  • 28,765,000 AP earned.   Almost 3.5 million in a month.    If that pace continues, well, yes, I will end up at L16.
  • 3,000 unique hacks.  
  • 143 more words

Things I Love About Things I Hate

As promised, I now present the second half of my series attempting to bring a nuanced view to my passions. Previously, I looked at the terrible flaws of things I otherwise enjoy. 975 more words


On The Grind to the Cosmic Trial

The grind continues in Marvel Heroes.   The goal of 4,000 omegas is getting closer – I have 3,500 after playing like a madman over the weekend.     438 more words

Idiots Guide: Marvel Comics Greatest Individual Heroes

The wonderful super-human characters that inhabit the Marvel Universe have been a staple of Americana since it’s inception in 1939. For tens of millions of comic book fans this universe has been a source of never ending entertainment and springboard to imagination. 712 more words

Pop Culture

Tuesday Top Five: Superhero Video Games

Today we are going to list our top five superhero video games. We have quite the list and we know that some are going to be debatable to others, but again these are our favorites. 584 more words


Striving for the Cosmic Trial

I have gotten tons of conflicting advice on the Cosmic Trial.

“You should be able to do it with a few hundred Omega points”

“I tell people don’t try until at 3000 Omega points” 356 more words