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Marvel Studios.

Director: Taika Waititi

Screenplay: Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle & Christopher L. Yost

Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins… 932 more words


Thor: Ragnarok

Hidyho there readerinos!

I’m gonna preface this review by saying, right off the bat, I have a huge case of the superhero movie fatigues. I know this is a thing that people have been saying for a while, so it’s not an original or interesting perspective, and it shouldn’t really be relevant when it comes to reviewing an individual piece of art (“judge it on it’s own merits!”), but it’s the truth. 777 more words


Ragnarock On

For someone proclaiming to be the God of Thunder, Thor seems to find himself on the wrong end of a Taser surprisingly often. It’s all part of his rebranding. 801 more words

Movie Review

Round-Up Reviews #2

I’m aware that it’s been a wee while since I’ve written a blog post however October was a hard month. As I work in a costume company, October is the month that no one can take a day off, full lunch hours are a distant memory, and even pee breaks are limited. 808 more words

My Top 5 MCU characters

5. Thor

4. Spider-Man

3. Iron Man

2. Black Panther

1. Captain America


Marvel Ghost

Marvel Studios has announced that the Ghost is going to appear in the Ant Man and the Wasp movie.  So you may be wondering who is the Ghost, so here is his back story. 98 more words


Krysten Ritter On 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Being 'Just as Personal'

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Marvel’s Netflix Universe remains as one of the brightest (and darkest) spots in the MCU and Jessica Jones further proves why the Netflix shows are some of televisions best. 341 more words

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