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Marvel Movie Post #6: Thanos

Thanos is one of the most interesting villains in all of Marvel comics.  He has appeared in post credits scenes at the end of each Avengers movie and in one scene in Guardians of the Galaxy.   193 more words

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Marvel Movie Post #5: Infinity Stones

In the MCU just like in the comics there are six infinity stones that each contain immense power.  The table below shows information about each of the six infinity stones except for the soul stone that has not yet been shown in the MCU. 33 more words

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My Review: Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

It has been so long since the last time I write a movie review, isn’t it? LOL
But for this movie, I’m dying because of a BABY GROOT! 1,259 more words

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Marvel Movie Post #4: Movie Rights

The issue of Marvel movie rights is a very complicated thing.  The reason it is so complicated is because in the 90s Marvel was worried about going bankrupt.   247 more words

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 2017 10 out of 10

Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol. 2   2017 10 out of 10

After the movie opens up with a short scene of Kurt Russell hooking up with Star Lord’s mom to the sounds of the song Brandy,  we jump ahead to the Guardians arguing as they prepare to battle a giant creature that is trying to steal some  expensive batteries they have been hired to protect.   218 more words

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Inexterminable Guardians

We all smile and cheer at the dorky little thief who calls himself Star-Lord, but we have a totally different, more comical reaction to the working class bandit with the fresh name of Taserface. 784 more words

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