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The man without fear

I love how different this tattoo is compared to most of the other comic book stuff out there. Daredevil would probably be tattooed much more often if it wasn’t for Ben Affleck. 8 more words


A Modern Marvel

There’s a very good reason why Creative Vandals has become the go to shop for comic book tattoos. This one by Andy Walker made my nerd gland swell to the size of a large grapefruit. 11 more words


Iron Woman

Turns out its not just something you shout to the Mrs if you fancy sleeping on the couch.

Tattoo by Andy Walker from Creative Vandals in Hull.



Something about Hugh Jackman really doesn’t sit right with me. I think it may just be that he suits playing Wolverine so well that it hurts me to see him in less manly roles. 25 more words


Friendly neighbourhood brain eater

I think I NEED a Marvel Zombies tattoo. I wish Mat Lapping would stop being so awesome.

Mat Lapping works at Creative Vandals in Hull.


Stan's the man

Saw The Amazing Spider Man last week -and it was soooo cooooool- so wanted to put something up that was spidey related.  Instead of taking the easy route and posting a pic of the web slinger himself, here is the genius of a man behind the character, Stan Lee. 36 more words