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With the Avengers game being announced at E3 this year, it made me think as to why there has been a lack of superhero games in current times, and why most of them have been a straight miss. 96 more words


Marvel Announces Mahershala Ali Will Take The Screen As The Next 'Blade'

(TIML NEWS) Over the weekend, as the East Coast was beating the heat, comic enthusiasts gathered in San Diego for Comic-Con 2019. On Saturday (July 20), Marvel Studios got movie-goers amped in standard form by announcing their slate of movie releases for the next few years, but threw an added surprise in the mix. 207 more words

SDCC 2019 - Every Major Reveal from Marvel's Hall H Panel

Just enough content to make you forget that Disney is devouring consumer entertainment like Galactus

Unless you got hit with a weapon’s grade EMP and haven’t had access to the internet over the past four days (in which case I would say get that checked out asap), then you’re probably aware of the fact that this past weekend was 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con, the largest collection of absolute geeks ever collected (minus me). 4,374 more words


Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-ONE)

Shuri held a beautiful necklace made out of lion’s teeth and vibranium beads in her hand, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her brother had made it for her on her twelfth birthday. 814 more words


Representation Chart: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 3

We all know that the representation of people of different genders and races is imbalanced in popular media, but sometimes putting it into visual form can help make the imbalance clear. 595 more words