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Cover: Shawn Mendes - One Dance/Marvin's Room

Shawn Mendes has dropped by Capital FM recently and did a mash-up cover of two of Drake’s songs. The current hit “One Dance” and one of Drake’s fan favorite, “Marvin’s Room” – Shawn delivered an acoustic flavor to these pop tunes. 7 more words



Γεμάτος θεατρικά ο φετινός χειμώνας για τον αγαπημένο ηθοποιό Ιωσήφ Ιωσηφίδη που και το πατρινό κοινό τον έχει αγκαλιάσει, βλέποντάς τον αρχικά στο σανίδι του «Απόλλωνα» στην παραγωγή του ΔΗΠΕΘΕ Πάτρας «Λεωφορείο ο Πόθος» και στη συνέχεια, ως απολαυστικό «Συριανό Σύζυγο» του Εμμανουήλ Ροϊδη με την ομάδα Gaff, αλλά και ως «ταλαίπωρο» Χρυσοβαλάντη στο βραβευμένο έργο «Μάρτυς μου ο Θεός» του Μάκη Τσίτα. 17 more words


Listen To These 12 Drake Songs When You Can't Let Go

When you break down Drake’s mile-long catalog, a lot of his songs are radio hits about winning this thing we call life. But on the other side, he’s often nothing more than another guy with a lot of heartache and exes. 1,038 more words

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"Where Words Fail, Music Speaks"

I was nominated on Facebook by my coworker/friend Brooks to post 7 songs in the next 7 days that pretty much give me life (aka my favorite songs) so I thought I would post them here because 1) I hate super long Facebook posts and I feel like my reasoning behind my favorite songs could get wordy and 2) this blog is not strictly for books (I did say I was a pop culture enthusiast) so why not put my other love, music, on here too? 402 more words

7 Songs In 7 Days

Hotline Bling Cover: Kehlani featuring Charlie Puth

Kehlani Parrish, better known by her stage name, Kehlani, is an American singer-songwriter from Oakland, California. She is a member of HBK Gang. She is signed with Atlantic Records.

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Free Download: Oshi - Think About

The kid’s workload is immense.

Oshi premiered this one on Soulection radio about two weeks ago and has swiftly put it up for free download due to popular demand, with it’s Drake sampling vocals (Marvin’s Room) and twinkling, bright production backing it up.

‘no soundcloud beef plz’.