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Zouthampton's Zany Zebra Ztampede

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebras

This little chap lost his stripes and joined the ‘Zany Zebra’ stampede thundering through the streets and parks of Southampton this summer. 216 more words

Monkeying Around at Marwell Zoo

Welcome to my recent SnapsandStories. Hover over the Snaps for a caption! Enjoy the read, comments welcome :)

As I had a rare weekend off, we thought we make  the most of it. 866 more words

Travel Photography

Santa Gets Snubbed

With my husband hauled up at the ice cream factory for most of summer, winter is our time to do stuff.  Either that or risk the four of us festering at home slowly driving each other mad  (yeh right, this is totally us most days).   864 more words

Why The Long Face?

I took this picture a while ago when I went to Marwell Zoo with friends. I settled on the long face caption and it got me thinking about people’s attitudes and perspectives towards various aspects of their life. 445 more words

Ben Redgell

Marwell celebrates male rhino arrival

A male southern white rhinoceros is settling into his new home at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.

The two-year-old male, named ‘Jabari’, has transferred to the Park from Dublin Zoo as part of the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP). 311 more words