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Why Marxism is Still Relevant Today

  1. A class based analysis of global society is still relevant if you look at things globally.
  2. Exploitation still lies at the heart of the Capitalist system if you look at the practices of many Transnational Corporations.
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AS Sociology

Marx: Key Ideas for AS Sociology

Many contemporary criticisms of Neo-Liberal strains of Capitalism  have their roots in the thought of Karl Marx. I thought it might be useful to post this to remind us of some of Karl Marx’s basic ideas. 921 more words


“The Illusion of Choice”: Forced Freedom in Mr. Robot and Late Capitalist Society (30 October 2015)

I experience a fleeting feeling of freedom whenever I go to the grocery store.  It offers me a reprieve from the stress and anxiety that creeps up on a daily basis as I worry about deadlines approaching or what I’ll do next after I finish graduate school. 2,215 more words

Cultural Studies

Dependency Theory

This post is a brief summary of the Dependency Theory view of Development and Underdevelopment. It is, broadly speaking, a Marxist theory of development.

According to Dependency theory, the underdevelopment of many countries was the fault of the West. 1,045 more words

Global Development

The World Today with Tariq Ali

Though Marxists have been responsible for some of the most arresting and powerful art and design of the last century and beyond, the current state of aesthetics within Marxist circles and the revolutionary left is dismal. 1,170 more words


Changing The World From Within to Without: My Take on the Importance of Critical Theory (9 Oct. 2015)

The fact that there is a so-called “crisis in the humanities” is old, though persistent, news, with many theories behind its impending demise.  The main culprits are understood to be funding cuts at the state and national level as well as an overall cultural shift toward valuing professional degree paths in the private sector, spurred by conservative thinkers’ critique of the humanities as a degree that leads to “nothing but unemployment.” 1,118 more words


Resisting Left Melancholy

AntiNote: Just another periodic reminder that there is nothing new under the sun.

For this reprint of a 1999 essay on the perennially current and apparently unresolvable dilemma of the “fractured left,” the AWC is tempted to include photographs of our own members engaged in pimply-faced adolescent hijinks from around the time the essay appeared, to demonstrate the intergenerational amnesia, ignorance, and failed pedagogy that has always stunted the development and reproduction of political and cultural traditions and formations. 3,651 more words