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Althusser's Scientific Marxism

While humanistic Marxists see humans as creative beings, able to make history through their conscious actions, for structuralist Marxists, it is social structures that shape human action, and we should be researching structures not individuals. 502 more words

Theory And Methods

Gramsci's Humanist Marxism

Gramsci (1891-1937) was the first leader of the Italian Communist Party during the 20s. He introduced the concept of hegemony or ideological and moral leadership of society, to explain how the ruling class maintains its position and argued that the proletariat must develop its own… 438 more words

Theory And Methods

Kojin Karatani and the Repetition of History

Note: this will not be a full review of the book, but rather an exploration of the first two essays that lay out Karatani’s thoughts on historical repetition. 2,194 more words


Book Review: A Political History of Japanese Capitalism

A Political History of Japanese Capitalism is truly rare book: a Marxist history of modern Japan written in English. Though its author, Jon Halliday, later repented his left leanings and coauthored the execrable  1,418 more words


Defeat is a Wound, Forgetting is Death: The Importance of Political Memory

Like a river fed by many tributaries, political struggles draw nourishment from multiple sources. Collective memory is one of these sources of sustenance. Much academic work has been done discussing how different communities sustain themselves by building and developing a sense of collective memory. 683 more words


Confronting the Violence of Capital: Summary of Historical Materialism Toronto

Last weekend I attended the last two days of the Historical Materialism conference in Toronto, in the process gathering pages of notes I wanted to systematize in some way. 1,623 more words


Hisila Yami: People's War and Women's Liberation in Nepal

“Here it is important to make [a] distinction between poor women and rich women. I am not referring to those few super-rich women women who by virtue of being wives are wasteful consumers or very few rich capitalist women who compete with other rich capitalist men to exploit the working class…Here I am talking of poor working-women belonging to all oppressed sections of society…To be more specific, this book is about Nepalese poor women, poorest of all poor women in the world, who are struggling against poverty, rugged geography without basic infrastructure, discriminatory Hindu feudal state by participating in People’s War lead by Communist Party of Nepal since February 1996.¹

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