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PAGES OF HISTORY: Pope Francis and the Marxist Hammer and Sickle Crucifix

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Socialists love to erase history… so let’s make sure we keep our eyes on it.

Here is the interview conducted during the flight from Paraguay to Rome– where Francis talks about the hammer and sickle crucifix he received from the very Marxist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales. 716 more words


All the News Fit to Buy: Samir Amin, the Death of the Dissolve, Media Power

Global capitalism has often been caricatured as a Godzilla-sized octopus, sucker-studded tentacles tenaciously gripping the globe. No doubt no slander or libel is directed at real, fleshy octopi, who are delightful creatures with impressive flexibility and intellect. 944 more words


Jim Crow, Minstrels, and Black Resistance

My lecture at the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge titled, The Gospel of W.E.B. Du Bois: The Radical Savior of His People, extended the narrative of class and racial alienation by offering examples of continual forces that have morphed color line tension.  510 more words

Academic Life

Robert Biel: The Entropy of Capitalism

I first learned of Robert Biel from a quotation from him that Kerspeldebeb put on the back of The Communist Necessity. What a mystery it is how I hadn’t heard of him before, considering my insatiable interest in environmental history and its intersection with Marxist political economy. 992 more words


Feminism, Environmentalism, Marxism and Murder

So you call yourself a feminist? An environmentalist? Are you sure you want to say that about yourself?  The average feminist says he or she (I’ve always found it weird that some men call themselves ‘feminists’ but OK) believes in equality.   829 more words


Herbert Marcuse "An Essay on Liberation"

I have been studying Marxist thinker Herbert Marcuse “An Essay on Liberation.” I guess I have read it three times in the past few days, as I aim to reconstruct my new vision for making people conscious of their plight. 51 more words


Whose Survival? Mad Max: Fury Road and Two Forms of Human Adaptation

Judging by what I read about the new Brad Bird film Tomorrowland, he and I share a general distaste for apocalyptic pessimism. Where we appear to separate is in the way that Bird’s apparently future-oriented optimism is more directed toward the past, reveling in retrograde utopias planned and built by/for scientific experts. 895 more words

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