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A Hundred Thousand Names: Against Fear, Against Hope

“It follows from the definition of these emotions, that there can be no hope without fear, and no fear without hope”

–Baruch Spinoza, Ethics  (Project Gutenberg)

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Gramsci and Braudel

I recently borrowed a book called Gramsci’s Historicism: A Realist Interpretation by philosopher Esteve Morera. Because I knew a couple of points I wanted to explore immediately, I hurriedly read the introduction and pushed into the index. 1,091 more words


Makoto Itoh: The Japanese Economy Reconsidered

The Japanese Economy Reconsidered is a short slice of Marxist economic history and analysis. Effectively summarizing the Japanese “lost decade,” which has by now accordioned out to more than two decades of stagnation, the book is an incomplete but strong primer on the Japanese economy in the 1990s. 668 more words


G.A. Hoston: Japanese Marxism and the Crisis of Development in Prewar Japan

Marxism is a powerful analytical tool due to its ability to extract the universal significance of historical processes that necessarily occur in particular places and times. 1,259 more words



Marginalization as Obscurantism

The pseudoscientists use the words ‘marginalization’ and ‘marginalization’. From Social Exclusion (on the SJW Encyclopedia):

Social exclusion, or social marginalization, is the social disadvantage and relegation to the fringe of…

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Akira Narusawa: "The Social Order of Modern Japan"

Capitalism is first and foremost a mode of production, the division of society into an exploiting capitalist class whose existence is predicated on extracting surplus value from the proletariat. 1,305 more words


A Hundred Thousand Names: Talking Back to Our History

“There’s a story in an ancient play about birds called The Birds

And it’s a short story from before the world began…

From a time when there was no earth, no land. 

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