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Defeat is a Wound, Forgetting is Death: The Importance of Political Memory

Like a river fed by many tributaries, political struggles draw nourishment from multiple sources. Collective memory is one of these sources of sustenance. Much academic work has been done discussing how different communities sustain themselves by building and developing a sense of collective memory. 683 more words


Confronting the Violence of Capital: Summary of Historical Materialism Toronto

Last weekend I attended the last two days of the Historical Materialism conference in Toronto, in the process gathering pages of notes I wanted to systematize in some way. 1,623 more words


Hisila Yami: People's War and Women's Liberation in Nepal

“Here it is important to make [a] distinction between poor women and rich women. I am not referring to those few super-rich women women who by virtue of being wives are wasteful consumers or very few rich capitalist women who compete with other rich capitalist men to exploit the working class…Here I am talking of poor working-women belonging to all oppressed sections of society…To be more specific, this book is about Nepalese poor women, poorest of all poor women in the world, who are struggling against poverty, rugged geography without basic infrastructure, discriminatory Hindu feudal state by participating in People’s War lead by Communist Party of Nepal since February 1996.¹

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Celebration of the Art of May Day

Growing up in North America, I first learned about May Day from pictures of Soviet military parades in my history books. I knew it was a Soviet national holiday but had no idea why until I learned about the Haymarket massacre and the strikes for the eight-hour day, which significant changed its meaning for me. 780 more words


Book Review: The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World Economy by Minqi Li

Most of the rhetoric around the rise of China in the West is either pure demagoguery calling Chinese workers job thieves or the intertwining discourses about China’s inevitable world takeover or inevitable decline. 838 more words


Political and Personal Partnerships

I was recently finishing up Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead and was impressed by the amount of time Mead dedicates to matters of love and partnership. 1,079 more words


Alain Badiou: Theory of the Subject

Standing Before the Door, A Structural Marxist:

When there’s a fire in the building, you have to be wary of doors. Grab hold of the wrong doorknob and you might earn a searing memento of your own foolishness. 1,728 more words