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Resisting Left Melancholy

AntiNote: Just another periodic reminder that there is nothing new under the sun.

For this reprint of a 1999 essay on the perennially current and apparently unresolvable dilemma of the “fractured left,” the AWC is tempted to include photographs of our own members engaged in pimply-faced adolescent hijinks from around the time the essay appeared, to demonstrate the intergenerational amnesia, ignorance, and failed pedagogy that has always stunted the development and reproduction of political and cultural traditions and formations. 3,651 more words


Charles Bettelheim: Class Struggles in the USSR 1917-1923

The birth of the USSR carries a dual meaning for international Marxism. On the one hand, it marks the first successful seizure of power by a proletarian revolutionary movement. 1,159 more words


The Japanese Communists' Cuteness Campaign

Leftists in Japan have never had an easy time. State repression and one-party dominance of the legislature have worked to squeeze out most forms of official opposition. 650 more words


Public Meeting - The Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, and Fighting Austerity

Leicester Socialist Workers Party have called a public meeting on Wednesday 23 September, 7pm at the Adult Education Centre on Wellington Street to discuss and debate the way forward for the left after Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour Party leadership election. 227 more words


Reference Archive of Note: Wilson Centre Digital Archive

Thanks to a post by fellow blogger Workers’ Dreadnought, I stumbled onto the online collections of the Wilson Centre Digital Archive, which appears to contain conversations about and by communists of many stripes and nationalities. 58 more words


Robert Biel's New Imperialism

Having already done a piece on the brilliant 2012 book The Entropy of Capitalism, I quickly got ahold of copies of Biel’s other two books, The New Imperialism and  1,251 more words


Rendezvous with Hucksters and the Academic Underbelly

Because serving in the reserve army of the unemployed is a dreary and potentially lethal enlistment, I’ve been obliged to find myself a job. Currently between bouts of education, I therefore strive to find the most agreeable way to spend my days (or nights) earning rent and food money. 838 more words