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Letter to recovering addicts and those who loved one

Atonement: satisfaction or reparation for awrong or injury; amends.

Atonement AA (Step 8): Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. 1,339 more words


Radical new me: in defence of political radicalism.

“The only real radicalism in our time will come as it always has—from people who insist on thinking for themselves and who reject party-mindedness.” – Christopher Hitchens… 1,706 more words



To accompany the newly-published paperback edition of The Quest for a Moral Compass,  I am running a series of extracts from the book. Previous extracts were on Joshua Greene’s idea of… 2,676 more words

History Of Moral Thought

Free Markets vs Freedom: The Inherent Flaws of the Market

Lately, the cult of the market seems to be enjoying a revival. There’s been a rush to privatise, liberalise and tear down tariffs and taxes and barriers to our sacred free exchange, all while a growing sect of minarchist classical liberals (“libertarians”) loudly denounces the bank bailouts of the financial crisis for being state intervention in an area that only Go- I mean, market forces, are allowed to govern. 2,052 more words


Why Marx Still Matters: The Ideological Drivers of Chinese Politics (Rogier Creemers, China Files, December 16, 2014)

In days of greater political brouhaha, “to go and see Marx” used to be a slang expression among Chinese Communists, to refer to death. More recently, a considerable number of commentators have pronounced the expiry of Marxism itself. 250 more words


I like commodities, you like commodities; everyone likes commodities! How consumerism and individualism have changed society (with some minor digressions).

Tangled in a complex web of relational connections, consumerism and Western culture come as an inextricable pair. It is not only the West either that has been infected by the ethos of consumerism, oh no, but increasingly other traditionally non-Western regions too. 5,746 more words


Income inequality: the growing parallel between the rich and poor.


In the UK at the time of writing, there appears to be a handful of issues that are seemingly inexpungible from the media limelight; they are tireless and of unceasing appeal. 18,773 more words