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Postmodernism and Late Stage Capitalism

The formation of the dialectical materialist philosophy marked a qualitative change in human society and how bourgeois philosophers approached the subject of philosophy. It is easy to forget that both the dialectical and the materialist philosophies were both formulated by liberal philosophers before being united by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels into the radical philosophy that inspired socialist revolution across the globe. 1,486 more words


Sorry Obamaling America, America's Human Adult Males Are Back in Business

Barrack Hussein Obama was not the Mother of the rise of feminism and its feminazis of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes, who now operate nearly everything within the American  fascistic left, its   Democrat Party and its sycophants running things at CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST worlds, and today’s  schools and universities of leftist religious teachings from coast to coast…..the “Fake News” and “Black Lives Matter” people who sell the politics of  single sex, single  party,  with ignorance,  hysterics, and  religion,   FEMINISM! 245 more words


The Dialectic of The Two Party System: The Illusion of Free Will and The Only Way Out

When you think of the American two-party system as a dialectic, only then does the realization of total political class servitude enter into the mind. In American society the liberal “left” and conservative right is designed to act as the thesis and anti-thesis of this dialectic. 1,023 more words

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Bella Dodd - Communist Defector says New World Order is Communism

 In 1954 Bella Dodd a high ranking defector from the US Communist Party converted to the Catholic faith.

Her book “School of Darkness” requires a revisit. 1,376 more words

New World Order & America

Ezra Pound & Secrets of the Federal Reserve

The  original  book,  published  under  the  title  Mullins  On  The  Federal  Reserve, was  commissioned  by  the  poet  Ezra  Pound  in  1948.  Ezra Pound  was  a  political  prisoner  for  thirteen  and  a  half  years  at  St. 154 more words

New World Order & America

Communication in Video Games: Exploring Alternate Modes of Connection

Ian Bogost writes under the false impression that incomprehensible speech is not, in fact, speech. While writing of Journey, thatgamecompany’s 2012 sleeper hit, Bogost makes two false assumptions. 831 more words

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Holocaust Who?

Often we find people guilty of projection, of accusing their enemy for the very crime they themselves are guilty of.  We might question whether this is the case with Germans and Jews in the 20th Century. 389 more words