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Beijing and Pyongyang: old friends

A fascinating and insightful article in The Global Times, called ‘Nothing should come between China and North Korea‘.

Let me quote a few of the more interesting parts: 443 more words


Backbencher: Victim Complexes in Media Studies

As many may be aware, I am keeping tabs on Marxist and PostModernist thought in our education system.

Here is another example:



On the Current Student Movement

Following the recent tragedy in Parkland that ended in the deaths of 17 people, a movement of students has formed in response to the ever growing issue of mass shootings in schools. 1,208 more words


The Ugly Truth

The feminists in their campaign are the modern heirs of Marxist thought, in which the natural family is an impediment in the pursuit of the utopian, social goal. 230 more words




I’d like to welcome you to my blog/writing repository. I’ll mainly be using this to publish essays and articles I write. Maybe some poetry or other ventures I decide to publish. 43 more words



This post will be deleted within the next few weeks. A series of articles are going to be released in the next few weeks that are substantially different from earlier posts. 130 more words

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Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels - Manifesto of the Communist Party

The Communist League had a second congress, also in London, in November and December 1847. Both Marx and Engels attended, and they were assigned the task of composing a manifesto for the organization. 787 more words