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Losurdo's new book on Western Marxism

Recently published is a new book by the stakhanovite, Domenico Losurdo, called: Western Marxism: How It Was Born, How It Died and How It Can Rise Again. 305 more words


Chou En-Lai talks about the Soviet Invasion of Czechslovakia

“A few days ago, the Soviet revisionist leading clique and its followers brazenly dispatched massive armed forces to launch a surprise attack on Czechoslvakia and swiftly occupied it, with the Czechoslovak revisionist leading clique openly calling on the people not to resist, thus perpetrating towering crimes against the Czechoslovak people. 551 more words


Socialist Albania talks about 'non-alignment' and the theory of 'three worlds'

“The idea of ‘non-alignment’ serves the counter revolution and the preservation of neo-colonialism. It is an attempt to decieve the peoples while inviting neo-colonialism to cede in regard to some worthless economic reforms, but which are important to those who give such hand-outs. 287 more words


Thankful for Gorsuch: A Hillary win would have replaced rule of law with tyranny

(National SentinelJudicial Branch: Millions of Americans are not fans of President Donald J. Trump and that’s alright; the United States was founded and built on a political system that encourages debate over competing ideas, and may the best of them win favor among the people. 612 more words


A Brief Book Guide (Part III)

Part one of our book guide covered some basic, entry-level, easily read books on the contradictions, lunacy, and general evil that modern liberalism and Leftism embodies.  1,562 more words


Bernie Sanders' Wife in Trouble for Ten Million Dollar Bank Fraud

Chuck Todd on MTP does not ask Bernie Sanders about FBI investigation of wife for $10 mill bank fraud

By Thomas Lifson at American Thinker: 106 more words