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Tactics, strategy, and the ‘united front’

A response to Mario C. Plaza’s “How Lenin uses the term “tactics,” plus his subsequent comment.

By John Riddell. In his stimulating contribution, “How Lenin uses the term “tactics,” Mario C. 2,024 more words

Movements And Struggles

Book Review: The Sublime Object of Ideology

Zizek’s The Sublime Object of Ideology is arguably his most notorious book in an expansive catalogue. His overarching goal in it is to read Lacan against Hegel, and Hegel against Lacan, in an effort to redeem them both as well as present the valuable contribution that the philosophical basis of Lacanian psychoanalysis can add to contemporary understanding of political struggle (2008: viii). 1,722 more words


For the love of God, get rid of John McDonnell

An unrepentant Marxist, an unpleasant ideological bully and an IRA sympathiser of some vintage, John McDonnell is the avatar for all that’s bad about Corbyn’s Labour Party. 867 more words


John McDonnell accusation that Grenfell fire victims were murdered examined

At Glastonbury (which people think to be a music festival) John McDonnell MP, the shadow chancellor, and closet Marxist made the accusation that the victims of the Grenfell fire were murdered. 1,566 more words

Labour In Opposition

Goddamn You Ignorant Horsefuckers: A Response to A Marxist Critique

I am working on a deadline, an article on Venezuela nearly done and two other projects still waiting in the wings. I have two clients eagerly desiring candle work and as of this writing my Ancestor Altar still needs to be given offerings. 3,502 more words


Sean Sayers : Η εργασία στη σύγχρονη βιομηχανική κοινωνία: Ο Μαρξ και οι κριτικοί του

Στα πρόσφατα χρόνια ο χαρακτήρας της εργασίας στην προηγμένη βιομηχανική κοινωνία έχει μεταβληθεί γοργά. Η παραγωγή έχει αυτοματοποιηθεί και έχουν μπει σε αυτή οι ηλεκτρονικοί υπολογιστές.