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Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein (1949)

Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on economic and social issues to express views on the subject of socialism? I believe for a number of reasons that it is. 2,637 more words


Comic: Living wage is a contradiction

Equal pay for equal work actually comes from Marxist theory, and was applied by socialist factory workers so whoever covered a ‘shift’ wouldn’t get preferential treatment or paid less based on who was expected (a man, when they got a woman or child because the expected party was sick and someone else was ‘covering’ for them). 706 more words

Review: Clementine Ford's Fight Like a Girl

Last night I was lucky enough to see Clementine Ford launch her book Fight Like a Girl at Melbourne’s Athenaeum theatre. I was keen to hear what Ford talk, to come down from my ivory tower in the academy and see what mainstream feminism in Australia had to say.  1,858 more words


What's Wrong with Hillary's Eyes?

Are Hillary’s eyes and the noises that accompany them the window to her soullessness?   What causes her aura of the boiling lava’s angry sound she exudes when pontificating? 105 more words


Hasn't communism already failed?

There is a thoroughly entrenched view that the experience of revolutions during the 20th century shows that communism has failed. It is true. There was a failure. 1,942 more words


Discovering Libertarianism 

​All this Bernie stuff really got me wrapped up in politics. I never much liked the Democrats or Republicans. I have always been been registered independent, until Bernie. 517 more words


Γιατί πέθανε ο Che

Ο Ερνέστο Γκεβάρα δεν πέθανε για μιαν απλή ανύψωση του βιοτικού επιπέδου των φτωχότερων λαών. Για μένα και πιστεύω για πολλούς, στην πραγματικότητα για εκατομμύρια πρόσωπα και κυρίως για τους νέους που θρήνησαν το τέλος του, πέθανε για ένα ιδανικό απείρως υψηλότερο, για το ιδανικό ενός Νέου Ανθρώπου.