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Base-and-superstructure in Malaysia

Ah the first post. Took me long enough to begin SEIZING THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION on this blog.

Anyway, the topic I’m gonna (try to) explore in this post is Marx’s concept of the base and superstructure and how such forces are evident here in Malaysia. 875 more words


Hiding behind the specter of Marx

The piece below was published in the Platypus review at the beginning of last year. It was a response to an earlier review of Andrew Kliman’s… 1,152 more words

Marx & Alienation

This essay was my final submission. In this paper, I tried to analyse the Marxist Theory of Alienation in the modern context. The following write up is heavily academic in nature.

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Academic Paper

Hisila Yami: People's War and Women's Liberation in Nepal

“Here it is important to make [a] distinction between poor women and rich women. I am not referring to those few super-rich women women who by virtue of being wives are wasteful consumers or very few rich capitalist women who compete with other rich capitalist men to exploit the working class…Here I am talking of poor working-women belonging to all oppressed sections of society…To be more specific, this book is about Nepalese poor women, poorest of all poor women in the world, who are struggling against poverty, rugged geography without basic infrastructure, discriminatory Hindu feudal state by participating in People’s War lead by Communist Party of Nepal since February 1996.¹

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When imperialist planners explicitly plan imperialism

I often forget how transparent and honest certain US foreign policy analysts and officials can be when they discuss US imperialism; this is probably because even as they have frank, open discussions about the fact that the US is an imperial state, mainstream discourse constantly denies this characteristic.   170 more words

The Racist Birth of Hollywood

The release of D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation in 1915 created intense polarisation between racists and anti-racists. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People led a campaign of protest against the film, with the NAACP’s secretary stating, “the harm it is doing the colored people cannot be estimated.” 1,720 more words

The East European Roots of Contemporary Graffiti

When every townhouse is declared a retrograde infection of private life in the public life of the people not only are no products released for its maintenance but its use is converted, from collection point for one family’s display of objects bought with the concentrated labour of others to a ruin sheltering eleven families, that slowly loses its capitalized value until that original labour is depleted. 68 more words

Street Photography