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Marxism in 2016?

What Does it Mean to be a Marxist?

Marxism is to subscribe to the ideas of 19th Century philosopher Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels. Marxists use  362 more words


Freedom from want and toil - and the capitalist social revolution

From the Communist Manifesto Project‘s pamphlet: Rescuing the Message.

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Freedom from want and toil

The industrial revolution that began over two centuries ago is transforming the material conditions of life in ways that make capitalism obsolete. 1,205 more words


On the meaning and value of work

Work, as a concept, is a rich and multi-dimensional idea. As a starting point, I will take the definition I once heard (from a priest, if I remember correctly), that work is simply the transformation of our environment. 1,192 more words

Society And Reflections

Structural anti-communism

As my research has moved into the complexities of socialism in power, first in the Soviet Union and now in China, I have been struck by what might be called structural anti-communism in many Russian/Slavic Studies and China Studies programs. 239 more words


Theory & Philosophy Reading Group XX: Teresa Amott & Julie Matthaei

Friday 30 September 2016, 7pm: In September, the Direct Action Monterey Network is putting on the 20th theory and philosophy reading group, continuing their study of Marxist-Feminist thought through the exploration of a work by Teresa Amott and Julie Matthaei. 188 more words


On The Economist and Karl Marx

(This is based on a review of a book I haven’t read yet because it has just been released and is damn expensive. Also, the interwebs don’t seem to have a copy yet) 1,039 more words


Corbyn and the "Actuality of the Revolution" - Counterfire on Georg Lukács and Labour.

Ipswich Workers’ Militia: Ready for the ‘Actuality of the Revolution’. 

“The actuality of the revolution: this is the core of Lenin’s thought and his decisive link with Marx. 1,273 more words

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