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Millennials: my two sense

I don’t know about you but I’m honestly sick of all this millennial bashing; and perhaps not for the reason you may think.

Aside from the fact that I can’t seem to even figure out which generation they’re even talking about. 181 more words

Journey back into the vampires' castle: Mark Fisher remembered, 1968-2017

I nev­er met Mark Fish­er, but we cor­res­pon­ded of­ten via e-mail. And he was al­ways very en­cour­aging. Right after I wrote a scath­ing re­view of… 5,562 more words



Who the hell are you? No, really, who are you? Do you define yourself by the way you dress, by the music you listen to, by the color of your skin or your nationality? 1,171 more words


Why does the FARC fight?

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is far from the only group of left-wing militants in the Colombian conflict. Their wealth however has made them the most prominent of the guerrilla armies in Colombia. 556 more words

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Marxism I

This is the first of a series of posts I intend to make on Marxism and the present state of the hard left. The traditions I personally follow most closely, and as such where my comments will be coming from, are those of the Georgists and of the Anarchists. 577 more words

it all keeps adding up...

R.I.P. Mark Fisher

Doris Lessing

Harper Perennial 2007

I can’t put down Lessing’s big book. It’s an unpleasant novel filled with unattractive people. 1,886 more words

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How Not to Write About Atheism

 Matthew Kneale (2013) An Atheist’s History of Belief Bodley Head, London.

 There may have been worse books that this on the history of religion. But that’s about the best you can say about it. 11,849 more words

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