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Face it, it's not the islamists who are changing Europe, it's the marxist Jews who let them in.We must get rid of them from Rothschild down.

You don’t want to say it but you know it, it’s the marxist jews who are pulling the strings of all this mass immigration to Europe, the muslims are being let in or better brought in by them, politicians, intellectuals, writers but you don’t want to say it: The Economist, The labour, Tony Blair, the whole of the lefty press it’s the marxist jews who want to impose “open doors”. 405 more words


Campus Capers and Cacophony: Inside the Student Protests

After 2 weeks of Protests on college campuses around the country, the movement continues to grow.  There are signs that the protests are not “copy-cat” or coincidence, but a concerted and well planned effort by a revolutionary element yet to be positively identified.   1,646 more words


The Marxist Murderers

The jewish supremacists are deliberately destroying all Western countries as they have secretly declared war upon us! They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of treason! 22 more words

The Jewish Problem

If I ran a Hollywood studio

I’d make a film chronicling the Battle of Tours. The entire movie would be spoken in French. I’d then release it with the above painting as the movie poster. 102 more words

Walter Benjamin, a short history of photography

For those of you with an interest in the historical pedigree of photography, it is unlikely that the name Walter Benjamin will have escaped your attention. 88 more words

Digital Photography

Cultural Marxism is not only about eradicating white culture, but all cultures

The term White Genocide has been thrown around for a while now as being one of the goals of the Cultural Marxists. I don’t necessarily disagree with the accusation, but that’s not all they want. 659 more words


Traditional Leftism vs Marxism

Nowadays most people who consider themselves leftists are Marxists. There’s plenty of evidence on the internet of the prevalence of Marxist idiocy and subversion of sane values. 725 more words