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Philosophy of Education Lessons In 'Dead Poets Society' & 'The Matrix'

The module is about education and the pursuit of excellence, which should explain educational excellence, and what does the western philosophical tradition from Socrates to Dewey and Maritain suggest about excellence, and by extension, flourishing? 1,690 more words


The Cultural Revolution

Like much of China, the Cultural Revolution (known more officially as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) is mired in mystery and intrigue. Few would recognize – let alone fathom – that almost 45 million Chinese (estimates vary from 30 to 45 million) died during a period of roughly twenty years between the Great Leap Forward in the late 50s and early 60s; and the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976. 1,424 more words

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Money and Totality

Michael Roberts reviews Fred Moseley’s new book, Money and Totality, Brill, 2016

One of the major trends in the world economy in the last two years has been the collapse of the price of oil in world markets. 5,098 more words


Base-and-superstructure in Malaysia

Ah the first post. Took me long enough to begin SEIZING THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION on this blog.

Anyway, the topic I’m gonna (try to) explore in this post is Marx’s concept of the base and superstructure and how such forces are evident here in Malaysia. 875 more words


10 Things I Learned Writing For Leftist Academia.

As has already been stated, the author of this blog is a hired writer for a living. And for a while now, since around December last year, writing has taken over her every other freelance field in terms of income by quite a margin. 1,700 more words


Social Justice Warrior - This Week In Stupid

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the NEW face of feminism and Social Justice…..TRIGGLY PUFF!

Caution: Explicit language

Social Justice

Happy Majdoor Diwas !!

Only Rickshaw-pullers or a person, who carries a heap of bricks on his head can’t be termed as a labor. In fact labor class accumulates all people who carry different types of bricks on their head throughout their life.. 266 more words

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