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Definition of White Privilege - #whiteprivilege #auspol #racism

The real definition of White Privilege.

White Privilegea social construct by the left; a myth to cause a division within the community especially between an already divided white and black communities.


6 underrated Marxists who don't get enough love

By: libcom

It’s a sad fact that many of the most radical Marxists, whose participation in working class struggle and ideas challenged not only capitalist society but also the social democratic and Leninist tendencies in the workers’ movement tend to get ignored by anarchists and Marxists alike. 2,245 more words


Black History Month - Claudia Jones

Born in Trinidad, Claudia Jones migrated to the US with her family as a child. She caught tuberculosis as a teenager, and had to manage her health in relation to the damage done to her heart and luncgs for the rest of her lufe. 143 more words

Black History Month

Nothing Breaks Me like a Marxist in Love

Nothing breaks me more than a Marxist in love or out of love, which is usually the case. Those bastards who see any eye of affection as a blind one. 112 more words


Karl Marx

By Jacqueline Davies, Alexandra Trethewey, Chloe Berkovic and Jerrin Jobi.


Karl Marx was born in Trier in 1818 and died in London in 1883 (Korsch & Buckmiller, 2016). 652 more words