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More Reasons Not To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Still Hate Liberals ) Part 1

There are so many reasons not to trust liberals. They’re morons , they’re idiots , they’re fascists  , they’re communists , they hate America , and are destroying it without realizing it because they’re too dumb to realize how dumb they are. 440 more words


The Question of an Independent Scotland & The ‘Scot-Left’ Distortion of Marxism

“To belittle the socialist ideology in any way, to turn aside from it in the slightest degree means to strengthen bourgeois ideology.”

The decline of British imperialism, combined with the continuing decline of the working-class movement, has over the past twenty or thirty so years brought the national question to the fore. 1,193 more words


"THE PLANETARY SOCIETY" A Cultural Marxist Cult?

“THE PLANETARY SOCIETY” A Cultural Marxist Cult?
After Bill’s crazy Cultural Marxist propaganda video on how there is NO biological basis to race, I can’t watch the man… This is how Cultural Marxist propaganda gets to the kids early. 51 more words

Free Speech and its Discontents: Part One


Freedom of speech is to liberal democracies what air is to a person: if either one is cut off, the body begins to asphyxiate. The largely unfettered right to speak freely is a necessary and fundamental feature of modern Western political culture, without which it could not exist. 2,465 more words


Mr Orwell Had a Friend....

1/2/17 (sometime around 0400)

Article Edited on 1/3/17 to include this source/reference to the George Orwell book, essay and reference contained below:

“All Art is Propaganda – Critical Essays” / G. 538 more words

Solving The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Following the recent hour-plus diatribe by Secretary of State John Kerry against Israel, every possible standard of reality and decency and western civilization, I was tempted, sorely tempted, to once again have at the abominable Mr. 701 more words


Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes After Customers No Longer Willing to Wait 40 Minutes for a Sandwich

A “Marxist” “collectivist” “worker-run” restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, closed its doors this week after customers complained that they could no longer tolerate the bizarre hours, high prices and long lines. 416 more words

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