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bit from my new book "Anxiety..."

As our anxiety increases, our coping methods increase accordingly. And with the legalization of marijuana, people will now be using this drug to the point where the deterioration of their brain cells will begin to prevent them from remembering who they are or what they are? 61 more words

Special Education

Why I happen to Agree with Rand Paul's Foreign Policy...

I subscribe to the idea that when you hand someone BILLIONS of American Taxpayer’s dollars they should be OVERTLY on board with whatever it is America Wants… and that’s before the BIG WET SLOPPY KISS they should be giving all of us ON THE NATIONAL STAGE. 269 more words

Labour: a Party in Service to the Banks

[Speech delivered at a meeting entitled “Labour: a Party in Service to the Banks” on 18/02/2015, in Newcastle Upon Tyne.]

Labour’s support for the British banking system – its unswerving allegiance to usury Capital – cannot be explained away by any number of sophisms. 3,380 more words