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 How far is the shore?


#Church, is Hillary a Marxist?

Is Hillary a Maosist?

Is Hillary a Marxist?

Was Hillary raised Marxist? ( her mother in center of photo?) 23 more words


Ludicrous Gestures Befitting Tailored Intolerance (LGBTI)

What a joke. The promoters of this scholarship should hang their heads in shame. If they wish to provide a scholarship for LGBTI students then call it what it is instead of trying to disguise it as a fair and open award based on merit. 118 more words


Notes on the Crisis of Imperialism: Brexit [i]

This is the 1st 1/2 of a speech on the recent referendum on Britain’s membership to the European Union (EU). It deals with the the run up to the referendum, alongside the fundamental characteristics of British Imperialism & European Imperialism. 2,381 more words


How Merkel will be inviting the rise of vigilantes

This cynical poster reflects the mood in Germany and the anger over Chancellor Merkel’s misguided altruism. While the 18yo Munich terrorist was a German born Iranian there will be little doubt radicalism was behind it. 555 more words


Social Anarchism and the Transitional Phase

The main thing that’s often said to mark the difference between Marxists and social anarchists is the so-called question of transition. That is, how to transform the existing capitalist state system into a post-capitalist and post-statist one, called full communism by Marxists and libertarian communism by anarchists. 1,171 more words