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The Two Bents Of The Media Are An Illusion Of Choice: "All Of The Mainstream Media Is Liberal, Marxist, Biased, And Profit-driven"

Source: SHTF Plan, by Jeremiah Johnson

Bret Baier conducted an interview with Senator Mitch McConnell on Fox News recently.  Of itself, this is no big news.  839 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Reading:The fourth political Theory by Alexsander Dugan

“If you are in favour of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy.”
Alexander Dugin

I am  as of yesterday reading  a new book written  by a  Russian  man named  Alexander Dugin. 298 more words

In Defence of the ‘Democratic People's Republic of Korea’

The DPRK(or ‘North Korea’ as known in the west), and the Republic of Korea(known as South Korea) exist as two separate countries, but the Korean people meet all of the characteristic features of a single nation as defined by Joseph Stalin in his scientific Marxist theory ‘The National Question; “a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.” Understanding that Korea is not two separate nations is essential when taking a more in-depth look at actions of the DPRK in the appropriate context. 1,729 more words


Feminist Theory: A Summary

Introduction – The Basics

  • Inequality between men and women is universal and the most significant form of inequality

  • Gender norms are socially constructed not determined by biology and can thus be changed.

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Bold Prediction: California returns to the political center

I know, it sounds crazy.  It might be crazy.  But we live in crazy times.  Crazy awesome.

California is threatening to secede from the United States. 466 more words

There is no hope of doing perfect research

Research is the investigation of new and existing knowledge in order to confirm known facts as well as to develop them further whenever possible. It can also be used to establish new facts based either on old knowledge or newly discovered knowledge. 896 more words


Rebellion, Despair and Revolution

Movement in the spectacle is existential, in that its entire emphasis is on its own rebellion or despair. This emphasis on its own rebellion or its own despair, is not a creation nor the motive of the movement, it is a condition- the result of direct dialectic, that moves a movement into either rebellion or despair. 244 more words