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The BBC Proms and all that...

Well, the big day for ‘music lovers’ has come…and gone. The programme for the “largest classical music festival in the world” is out today and continues the downward trend toward some form of ‘cross-over’ music prostituting itself under the guise of ‘classical music’. 334 more words

Aura of an Artwork

In his 1936 essay namely The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin discusses about the effect of Mechanical Reproduction on Art. 983 more words


Backbencher: Victim Complexes in Media Studies

As many may be aware, I am keeping tabs on Marxist and PostModernist thought in our education system.

Here is another example:



Only the educated are free ...... so stop moaning!

Epictetus, the Stoic philosopher, has always been a favourite of mine alongside Epicurus and Socrates. One of his lasting pronouncements was “Only the educated are free”, a phrase we originally used as the motto of our new primary education charity in Nepal back in 2007. 564 more words


What Happened to Ethical Journalism?

So, a guy sends in a sex-related question to the Guardian.

“I have been in a relationship for nine months. I thought the sex was good for us both, but when we finish she tells me to shower. 714 more words

The Price of Intellectualism

A brief preface:
While I was mainly inspired to write this post by Sina Queyras – specifically Unleashed, and the blog lemonhound from which the collection is mined – this post is intended to work in tandem with my last post, “Public Expectations of the Intellectual.” So, if you haven’t read that, … 861 more words

Public Intellectuals


This is a piece written by Julie Wark, one Fred’s closest friends, who was with him at hospital during his last days and moments. Julie did not want to publish this essay – you will understand why when you read it. 1,317 more words

The Void