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marxist vegan restaurant goes bust

This reads like an Onion article, but Heat St. is legit. Like it or not, capitalism works better than the other systems because it takes advantage of our evolved moral framework based on reciprocal altruism — which allows us to formulate win win outcomes based on an even exchange of goods and/or services — and fairness principles about proportionality, which says that people should be rewarded according to their inputs and outputs. 291 more words


Evaluate and explain the various theories of crime and deviance - how effective have the theories been in exploring the topic? 

To begin with, it’s very important to understand there is a difference between the seemingly similar ‘crime’ and ‘deviance’. Crime, by definition, is “an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law”, whereas deviance is “the fact or state of diverging from usual or accepted standards, especially in social behaviour.” Many theories have been created by sociologists and key thinkers, to try and understand and provide explanations for the crimes we see committed, and the deviant behaviour we see people exhibit in our society, but how effective are these theories in exploring the real problems? 1,770 more words

As the foundation of a building crumbles, so does the whole building!

We are living in rather scary times; we are seeing the resurgence of the American Socialist Movement. We have had communist or socialist presidential candidates in every¬† election since the late 1940’s, but they never made to the main stage before now. 234 more words

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Brexit and other disasters: A public meeting with Tony Norfield

The recent election of Donald Trump has sent shockwaves across the world. And while debates are still raging over the exact reasons that allowed Trump to win, the reactions to his victory show that very few people (maybe even among his supporters) expected him to win. 769 more words


When An Evil Man Dies: Ezekiel 18:32

Discussing the topic of death, I didn’t want to utilize a picture of my beloved Buddy. This photo is of the moon peering through our cloudy, Northwest sky. 433 more words