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It is hard to resist the suggestion of Jacques Le Goff that (in the Latin West at least) smiling as we understand it was an invention of the Middle Ages.

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Tweets of the Week: Nest Egg

Charlotte Brontë takes a swipe at Jane Austen, April 12 1850 (original currently on display @ChawtonHouse) pic.twitter.com/IBGT4FqAXB

— Michael Caines (@michaelscaines) April 12, 2016…

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Pulling the trigger on Classics


I am berating myself for not writing anything for a while, but life’s been busy and messy, so I’ll cut myself some slack.

My topic today today was inspired by a twitter debate between the fantastic Mary Beard and ‘stavvers’, a user who was protesting for trigger warnings in Classics. 555 more words

Welcome all deities

One unique element in the religion of ancient Rome was its ability to incorporate many different gods and goddesses from the peoples it conquered. One way in which this was done was a ceremony called… 197 more words


Mary Beard on Desert Island Discs

Classicist Mary Beard speaking on Desert Island Discs being great on topics such as the Puritan left, the reaction to her comments on 9/11 and sisters doing it for themselves. 50 more words

The classic anthropological example of how people laugh differently comes from the Pygmies of the Ituri Forest in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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