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Searching for my voice in a "post-truth" era...

The last month has been rough, and not just because I think the United States has made a terrible – possibly fatal – error in who it elected president.  856 more words

In (Partial) Defence of Arron Banks

I should say from the beginning that this is not the sort of defence of Arron Banks that’s likely to carry much weight with any hypothetical future popular tribunal considering charges of willful destruction of the prosperity and well-being of the British people. 1,329 more words


A whilom history major

In an effort to get myself to sleep during a recent spate of insomnia and to enrich my understanding of ancient Roman history after reading… 533 more words


UKIP donor mansplains Roman history to Professor Mary Beard

In a stunning display of mansplaining, Arron Banks, businessman and Leave EU co-founder, has given academic and historian Mary Beard a lesson in the fall of Rome. 765 more words




Rhodes is in his grave
Long since.
Oxford students wince
And call
For his statue to fall,
Yet continue to take the cash… 158 more words


SPQR by Mary Beard

Fascinating. Covers the first Roman millennium, from ~750 BCE to 212 CE, but with the specific goal of highlighting where our common conceptions of ancient Rome are wrong, and how many of our current political and cultural debates go back to the days of the Republic. 105 more words

Book Reviews

Meeting My Idol; Mary Beard on The Public Intellectual 

It’s been an interesting week for British politics. Apparently democracy is falling apart, but has democracy ever truly been defined? In short, no.

“UKIP are not populist, they’re just wrong” states Mary Beard, standing at the lecturn at St. 549 more words