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There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not Look At History

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not Look At History

Kick back. Take a deep breath. It’s Q&A time. Welcome to the blog and Facebook page of Crooked Cat’s Cy Forrest answering questions from his studio in a rural village just south of Bath. 1,006 more words


This Week in Twitter History (05/08/17-11/08/17)

Welcome to This Week in Twitter History, a regular feature which rounds up what’s interesting, exciting or controversial in the world of heritage and history on Twitter.  612 more words

British Museum

social media? sometimes it's just nasty as ****

Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve been watching the extremely ugly and misogynist twitter assault on Mary Beard over the last week or so. Like many of you I’m sure, this has made me angry, sad and more than a bit worried. 914 more words

For some people, any representation is "over-representation". Mary Beard, Doctor Who, and politicising "diversity".

Mary Beard has been having a torrid time of it, as you may well know.  She been twitter-trolled for defending the well supported proposition that Roman Britain’s population to some extent reflected the ethnic diversity of the vast Roman Empire as a whole, a legal and economic entity that stretched from Libya to Scotland – from the Lake District to the Middle East. 835 more words

Mary Beard in race row with people who have never read a history book

Mary Beard has been forced to defend historical accuracy yet again in a row with an army of trolls.

The famous classicist hit back at trolls who accused her of promoting ‘fake’ history for saying that Roman Britain was ethnically diverse. 448 more words


Mary Beard - civil defender in an unsafe space

What do academics do on their summer holidays? Most of them probably go on holiday like the rest of us. I’m not so sure about Mary Beard, who seems endlessly busy. 1,192 more words


I'm angry, part 1

Preface: This is probably going to be one of many posts where I’m going to (try to) go into real depth about why the horseshoe theory… 722 more words