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A Caesarian Section

Ancient Rome has been much on my mind this week.

Last Monday, I watched Mary Beard’s overview of the life of Julius Caesar on the BBC iPlayer. 841 more words

By The Bye

Threats and Trolls

(President Troll’s tweet from February 10, 2018)

Almost two weeks ago (2-11-18), The Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece titled “For Scholars of Women’s Studies, It’s Been a Dangerous Year.”  The article provides examples of increased criticism and threats issued to professors and scholars of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.  1,054 more words

Mary Anne Davis' Women and Power Show & Reception at Chatham Bookstore

Ceramic artist Mary Anne Davis displays her work inspired by the book, “Women and Power, A Manifesto,” by Mary Beard.

“The Women and Power series was sparked by a sense of enthusiasm for a group of women Davis represented in decorated porcelain. 168 more words


A pile of ideas

It’s about an inch thick, with a rubber band keeping all the bits of paper under control. They are occasionally cuttings from magazines or newspapers, but mostly my own homemade ‘note paper’ cut from the backs of A4 sheets; old letters or press releases. 277 more words


This doesn't mean everyone is a dick.

Mary Beard has tweeted about the accusations made against Oxfam and attempted to do her part to minimise the impact by, whilst not condoning the behaviour, explaining how visiting areas where horrific natural disasters have occurred may impede your own civilised character. 372 more words

Haiti, Oxfam - In Defence of Mary Beard; Contre Priyamvada Gopal. 

“Familiar posture of wounded white innocence” says Priyamvada Gopal.

I confess, I really like Mary Beard.

She wrote one of the best ever books on Roman history,  3,036 more words

European Left

Confronting the Classics

By Mary Beard

How obtained: free on libby app

I’ve heard good things about Mary Beard. One year she will host a documentary on the BBC. 415 more words