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So ‘Why do I blog?‘ was where I left it just before the turn of the year. Giving myself space to break out of what was threatening to become a dead habit. 1,911 more words


Women in Public Life

‘Women in Public Life’ a speech made by Rahila Gupta at a Feminism in London event

Most people start with thank yous. I have to start with provisos: If one of the defining qualities of a woman in public life is instant name recognition, then all of you would be forgiven for asking Rahila – Who? 1,557 more words


British Politics - When is a Community not a Community?

The modern Queen of Classics, Professor Mary Beard, is one of very few people whose blog I visit every day or two. In Alarm Clock Britain… 649 more words


Ancient images

On Photography, Susan Sontag
Mr Turner, Mike Leigh
Ancient Laughter: On Joking, Tickling and Cracking Up, Mary Beard

I’m a latecomer to Susan Sontag – I think  371 more words


New Words for a New World Order

In my previous post, I mentioned soundbites, tweets, vines and a few other appalling examples from a growing modern lexicon coined to reflect the increasing brevity and inanity with which we use the miracle of the internet to communicate with each other. 321 more words

Current Affairs

Tom Reed's brand

I mean if politicians talk in soundbites, if they don’t write their own speeches and if they don’t even write their own tweets . . . 208 more words


The One Dedicated To Feminism

“I hope this has been OK!” As the email from my Director of Studies pinged through and I saw the subject line, a vast array of possibilities ran through my mind. 1,511 more words