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I hate being just a little ill. I mean, I hate being sick in general, but having just a touch of some illness is awful. I’m too sick to go anywhere (I don’t want to make anyone else sick), but I’m well enough that I can’t justify sitting on the couch getting caught up on  386 more words


It's My Day Off, and I'll Bake if I Want To

My apartment smells like gingerbread right now. It is glorious. It’s the second baking project of the day, the first being Irish soda bread.

I don’t know why I have no issues with baking, but I’m baffled by cooking. 695 more words


The Public Voice of Women

An excellent talk by the English Classical scholar Mary Beard, given during the 2014 London Review of Books’ Winter Lecture Series, on how the public voice of women has been silenced or altered or niched throughout history and how that reflects and continues in the contemporary world. 21 more words

SPQR - Mary Beard

Mary Beard’s recent documentary, Empire without Limit covers much of the same material as SPQR, and it may be that you would prefer this genre to the “textbook” version which I have just completed.   642 more words

Book Reviews

Day 14: Women's voices

Silencing women’s voices
“He won’t read that, it’s about girls”
“Women talk too much”
Why is this important?

From the way women speak, to the amount women speak, to the content of women’s speech, people constantly feel the need to express opinions on women’s speech or to push it down completely. 2,402 more words


A Faith of Trust, Allegiance, and Loyalty

Skeptics ridicule the truth of the Christian message because of the discontinuity they see between Christian belief and behavior.  They have a point.  Modern Christianity seems grounded in a cognitive experience, anchored by formal theologies expressing ethics governing what we think and how we behave.  1,294 more words


It's the PopulesQue I'm interested in

I’ve been thinking for a while about what it’s like to live in an Empire. These thoughts are provoked by the imperial behaviour of the United States in the world and by that country’s presidential election fervour. 2,691 more words

Chinese Empire