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Reading the comments

In a couple of contexts in the last week, people I follow on Facebook or Twitter have linked to a story about sexuality and the church but warned their friends or followers that it’s a bad idea to read the comments. 758 more words

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HISTORY//SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome-Mary Beard

 In 2016 I think I bought two books (the rest were either gifts, library books or review books)- this and Greg Jenner’s book. Because I tend to read my review books first- and any library books, of course- ‘my’ books get pushed to the bottom of the pile. 421 more words


Decline and fall

High-profile classicist Mary Beard lashes out in The Sunday Times against certain irresponsible interpretations of the fall of the Roman empire: “the idea that it was caused by ‘immigration’ and so acts as a terrible warning against modern immigration is not just bunkum, but dangerous bunkum” [ 2,873 more words


The importance of random things

Today is a perfect day for making a visit to

 the garden

The Roundup #58

Everyone lost their minds this week, and with good reason, when a feathered dinosaur tail complete with a few vertebrae was discovered encased in amber in Myanmar. 257 more words

Searching for my voice in a "post-truth" era...

The last month has been rough, and not just because I think the United States has made a terrible – possibly fatal – error in who it elected president.  856 more words

In (Partial) Defence of Arron Banks

I should say from the beginning that this is not the sort of defence of Arron Banks that’s likely to carry much weight with any hypothetical future popular tribunal considering charges of willful destruction of the prosperity and well-being of the British people. 1,329 more words