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The Management of Gender and Sexuality

As a gender non-conforming individual, I was always utterly confused at why there is such an effort to control gender and place it within the binaries of male/female and as a bisexual individual why there was an effort to control the sexuality of others. 442 more words

Shabbat Shemini: Not Why. How.

Our parashat hashavua this week brings us back to our regularly scheduled Torah text after two weeks devoted to special Pesakh Torah. We are back to the Book VaYikra, or Leviticus, and expect nothing more or less than the initiation of the mishkan (the sacred space the Israelites created in the wilderness) with the first sacrifices brought by the first priests. 633 more words

Risk, Fear, Culture

In Risk & Culture (1982), Mary Douglas & Aaron Wildavsky pointed to an intimate relationship between fear & values. People typically feared things that threatened to undermine their way of life. 90 more words


Quote of the Day

If we can abstract pathogenicity and hygiene from our notion of dirt, we are left with the old definition of dirt as matter out of place.

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Quote Of The Day

Are You Going to Eat That? Leftovers, Thing Power, and Matter out of Place*

Leftovers 1.1: In which we upcycle dystopia, and downgrade upcycling

Aesthetically speaking, there are two kinds of dystopias. There are the gleaming surfaces of the faux-Utopian one state as in… 1,313 more words


What is it about the pangolin?

British trains now commonly have posters encouraging travelers to text a small donation to a charity. This could be a charity supporting people, or one helping animals. 892 more words