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Purity and Danger in the American Body

It’s certainly been, to use a relatively neutral word, an “eventful” week. Chaos is a better way to describe it. The fallout of the executive order (EO) on the travel ban has shown that the order sits at the intersection of a series of pressure points that connect intimately held, widely polarized, and (for many) previously unexamined values, conflating debates regarding human rights, domestic safety, immigration, religious tolerance, the person of Trump, propaganda, checks and balances in our government, and the failures of our political system, to name but a few. 1,144 more words

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In my take on the Lego Movie I have speculated that the female protagonist’s nom de guerre ‘Wylde Style’ could be a reference to Levi-Strauss’ La Pensée sauvage (the English title is The Savage Mind… but the Danish is Den vilde tanke). 448 more words

Purity and Danger, by Mary Douglas

Holy Orders: The Reason for Religion’s Obsession with Classifying and Dividing

I believe that ideas about separating, purifying, demarcating and punishing transgressions have as their main function to impose system on an inherently untidy experience. 1,549 more words

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About LAA's Pet Food Bank

Thirteen clients had scheduled a pick-up ahead of time. By the time I arrive, six of those appointments have already been kept. It’s 7:15 pm on a Thursday evening at Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s pet food bank, located at 4640 Bair Street. 2,353 more words

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

April 19, Jerusalem III: The Temple and Sacrifice

A few years ago a romantic young Jerusalem rabbi explained on television how he would restore the sacrificial ritual of the Temple, once his organisation had taken charge of the site, an event he was confident would occur soon. 222 more words

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