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More Evidence of Republican Party Ownership by the Christian Religious Right

When any state places all of its revenue need into one industry, it is bound to face times of extreme financial difficulty. This is occurring in Oklahoma, which is supported almost exclusively by the oil and gas industry. 438 more words

In the Race for the Presidency, America’s Horses Could be the Biggest Losers

by Susan Wagner, President & Founder, Equine Advocates

All of the progress that has been made since the last horse slaughterhouse operating in the U.S. closed in 2007 is in danger of being reversed. 582 more words

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Oklahoma finally orders wastewater wells shut down after earthquake

Click to enlargeDavid Bitton/AP

Steve Gibson, of Pawnee, takes photos of damage

❝ Oklahoma officials have ordered 37 wastewater disposal wells shut down after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck the state on Saturday, equal to the strongest in the state’s history.

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Republican National Convention: Day Four

Finally, the WWE cage match that was the RNC came to a close. It had everything: twists and turns, a surprise entrance from a villain who was booed off the stage, and the patriotic hero delivering a climactic speech about how awesome he is and how much everyone else sucks. 939 more words


"Feeling A Revolutionary Spirit": Moved By Donald Trump, David Duke Plots A Comeback

I see that David Duke hasn’t moderated his views since he was an active politician in the early 1990’s. That’s unfortunate. Some people mature with time. 754 more words

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"Trump Backer Says He’s Running 'As A Racial Healer'": Is Trump Prepared To Acknowledge His Role In The Problem?

Donald Trump has been called all sorts of things over the course of his controversial presidential campaign, but yesterday was probably the first time anyone, anywhere, said he’s positioned to play the role of “racial healer.” 547 more words

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Mary Fallin Spins Trump Racism

More Republicans are revealing their desperation in attempts to reduce the strength of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and give their sad choice for the nomination at least an iota of hope. 472 more words