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Former Trump Campaign Official Indicted, Trump Reacts, Oklahoma Lawmakers Go Back to Drawing Board

with Shea Smith, Joseph Quinton, Taitum Wilson, Caroline Brown, William Soule, and Abby Green


Our reality horror show

The Oklahoma Legislature today continued its complete inability to govern, with a budget deal falling through in the closing hours of what many hoped would be the day we funded a budget that was due in May. 743 more words

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Mary Fallin Outlines Tax Plan, Zombies Invade Oklahoma State Capitol, Tornado Rips Through Norman

with Joseph Quinton, Sammi Steele, Michael Bohling, Harlee Toothman, Rebecca Walters, Shea Smith, Reagan Ledbetter, Carson Williams, Madeline Roberts, Tori Johnson, and Taitum Wilson

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The drunken gutter show

The Oklahoma Legislature failed to pass a workable budget during its session that ended in May. Special session has come and gone without a $215 million hole in the budget being filled. 651 more words