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Mary Fallin vetoed legislation to save babies while saving feral hogs...

So Governor Fallin (Bloody Mary) vetoed legislation today which would have made it a felony for a doctor to murder an unborn baby, vetoed a bill which would have allowed property owners day or night to kill feral hogs and vetoed a gun rights bill. 51 more words


Okla. Governor Mary Fallin vetoes anti-abortion bill

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has vetoed a bill that would have criminalized most abortion procedures. The state senate passed the bill on Thursday. Had Fallin signed the bill, anyone found to have performed an abortion—except to save the life of the mother—would have been guilty of a felony and could have received up to three years in prison. 172 more words


"State Passes Anti-Abortion Bill Described As 'Insane'": Don’t Policymakers In Oklahoma Have Real Work To Do?

Republican policymakers in Oklahoma are aware of the fact that they cannot simply ban all abortions. The Supreme Court has already considered flat prohibitions and deemed them unconstitutional. 363 more words


Governor of Oklahoma vetoes abortion bill

Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill calling for prison terms of up the three years for doctors who performed abortions, saying the legislation would not withstand a criminal constitutional legal challenge, her office said on Friday. 329 more words

The Oklahoma Senate Wants To Remind You That Republicans Can Also Be Terrible When It Comes To Personal Liberty

The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill Thursday which would make it a felony for a physician to perform an abortion.

Senate Bill 1552 would preclude physicians “from obtaining or renewing a license to practice medicine in this state” if they perform, or assist in the performance of an abortion in Oklahoma. 172 more words

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Oklahoma Passes Bill Making Abortion Illegal

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which state is the most pious of them all? Oklahoma.

It’s not signed into law, yet, but the measure passed 33-12 without a single debate. 296 more words



This is my second post on the subject, I’m telling you before it happens.

This post is gonna make you mad, GOOD. It needs to. First you need to know elections can be easily rigged: 455 more words