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The Reality Of Your Situation

20 July 2015

Governor Mary Fallin

Oklahoma State Capitol

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd, Room 212

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Dear Madam Governor:

2015 has not been kind to you. 834 more words


Governors Bobby Jindal, Mary Fallin and Greg Abbott issue orders to arm military personnel

In Democrat states, you see sanctuary cities, wasteful welfare spending, massive underfunded public sector pensions, and other leftist nonsense. In Republican states, you see awesome, more awesome, and awesome on stilts. 611 more words


Gun Free Zones Kill, Again - This Time 4 Marines in Chattanooga

This keeps happening and yet it is predictable, and to some degree preventable. Our lawmakers and politicians continue to believe that our society needs what they call “gun free zones”, ostensibly to keep guns out of the building, arena, or gathering place. 623 more words


"Please Do Not Feed The Animals": State GOP Equates Food-Stamp Recipients, Wild Animals

On the right, it’s not unusual for conservatives to take great offense to accusations that they don’t like people in poverty. It’s not personal, Republicans argue; their opposition to social-insurance programs is about conservative economic theory and the scope of government. 330 more words


REBELLION: These 5 Governors Just Vowed to DEFY Obama’s New Executive Order

Conservative Tribune

Last week, President Barack Obama and his associates at the Environmental Protection Agency announced sweeping new climate change regulations that would end July Fourth… 66 more words


"GOP Governor Flubs Civics 101 Test": Mary Fallin Falls Short In Her Most Basic Governmental Responsibilities

Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled last week that a state-sponsored Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds violates the state Constitution. It wasn’t a close call – the justices ruled 7-2 that the six-foot-high, stone Christian display is at odds with the law that requires state government to be neutral on matters of religion. 428 more words


Oklahoma Governor Refuses to Remove Ten Commandments Monument Following Court Ruling

ICC Note: After the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that a monument of the Ten Commandments must be removed, Governor Mary Fallin has decided to stand her ground on the matter. 387 more words

Prayer Uproar