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On this day in 1555 - George Marsh was burned at the stake

George Marsh was born in Deane in Cheshire in 1515. He had a quiet upbringing and was a farmer by trade.

Marsh was married at the age of 25 but his wife died and Marsh left his children in the care of his parents and Marsh entered into Cambridge University where he had a change of religion from Catholic to Protestant. 267 more words

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On this day in 1556 - Sir Anthony Kingston died

Sir Anthony Kingston was born approximately in 1508 to Sir William Kingston but it is unknown who his mother was, it was one of Sir William’s two wives Anne or Elizabeth. 366 more words

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Before There was MI5...

There was Francis Walsingham. Known as Elizabeth I’s ‘Spy Master’, Walsingham was ruthless, cunning and fiercely loyal to his Protestant queen. 543 more words


On this day in 1587 - Sir Thomas Bromley died

Sir Thomas Bromley was born in 1530 to George Bromley and Jane Lacon. The Bromley family had some relative success at court from his father George being a member of the Inner Temple to a cousin, George, being Chief Justice of the King’s Bench by Queen Mary I. 810 more words

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On this day in 1554 - Sir Thomas Wyatt was executed

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger was executed on 11th April 1554 for leading a rebellion against Queen Mary I.

Bought up a strong Catholic and spent many years accompanying his father on missions in Spain. 308 more words

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Being Troubled by the Tudors, or Writing With Feeling

I’ve recently been doing some freelance history writing. As part of this, I’ve spent time reading and writing about Henry VIII and his daughter, Mary I. 1,011 more words


On this day in 1585 - Bishop Thomas Goldwell died

Bishop Thomas Goldwell died on 3rd April 1585. Born in 1501 in Great Chart, Kent. Goldwell went on to study at Canterbury College, Oxford.

Upon graduation in 1534 Goldwell travelled to Rome to be chaplain to Cardinal Reginald Pole, Goldwell did not approve of the religious changes that Henry VIII was trying to push through. 125 more words

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