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February 1, 1554 - Mary I Speech at Guildhall Opposing Wyatt's Rebellion

After assuming the throne in 1553, Mary I did what would have been expected from any queen: she searched for a husband so that she could produce an heir. 713 more words

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“Every life writes its own Work of Fiction


The regret is that so little is known about his wife Elizabeth who remained at his side through all of these hard years, bearing and rearing his children and enduring the hardships of those pioneer times with him. 2,353 more words

November 26, 1533 – Henry FitzRoy Marries Mary Howard

Henry FitzRoy was the illegitimate son of Henry VIII and Elizabeth Blount. Mary Howard was the second daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and Anne Boleyn’s cousin. 294 more words

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They died on the same day ...

15 November 1558 – Deaths of Queen Mary I, known as Bloody Mary for her executions of Protestants, and her Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Reginald Pole. 261 more words

November 17, 1558 – Death of Mary I

November 17, 1558 marked the sad end of Mary I, first Queen Regnant of England (except for Matilda, whose reign was disputed and who was arguably the reason that Henry VIII was so terrified of leaving his kingdom to a daughter…). 326 more words

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14th November 1501: Prince Arthur Tudor marries Katherine of Aragon.

Katy and Arthur…did they or didn’t they?

So today is the 514th wedding anniversary of Prince Arthur Tudor (the son of Henry VII and Catherine of York), and Katherine of Aragon. 1,403 more words

How did people hide and share their religion in the Tudor times?

This was a question I was asked to do a video for. To be honest I found it really hard to answer; there is just so much to explain. 66 more words