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Take your Vitamins | Healing 4/20 style

There is enough to do in the morning, from getting ready for work, dressing the kids, eating, packing and much more and I know what your thinking I want you to add more to the list and answer is yes. 102 more words

Health And Wellness

Still from Stories - Spider-Man (2002)

The decision. Do I choose the red pill or the blue, take door number 1 or 2 or do I save the love of my life or a bunch of children. 235 more words


Who & What is the Cannabis Unicorn?

Well, to be Perfectly clear, I am the Cannabis Unicorn 😎 Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Beginning of the greatest shit ever. So let’s get started with a little bit about myself. 119 more words



Why don’t you Men know how to turn us on?
Freak us with ecstasy before it’s all gone?
Don’t you know we want you to put your hands all over us? 161 more words


Hospital Tanks by Mary Jane

Hospital Tank/Quarantine Tank – essential in fishkeeping.

Whether used only when needed or kept with fish in it that can be removed when necessary, a hospital tank should be available whenever needed to isolate and treat sick fish. 879 more words