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Top Rated Grinders For Girls That Toke

All girls need a good grinder in their life, so I thought i’d help out a bit. If you like any of the grinders shown below, clicking the image will direct you to the page. 249 more words

What is vaping?

A vaporizer or vape pen, is an electronic device that heats cannabis to a relatively low temperature in comparison to smoking. This is one of the most important reason that it’s considered safer than smoking. 113 more words


What is the difference between joints or spliffs and blunts?

There’s more than one way to smoke your favourite herb. Along with bongs, pipes and chillums, many cannabis lovers enjoy the art of rolling their weed. 157 more words


What are the benefits of growing your own marijuana?

If you live in a country or region where it is legal to grow your own marijuana, you’ve more than likely considered cultivating you own marijuana. 302 more words


19-Year Old Girl Mocks Regina Daniels For Having Saggy Breasts

19-Year Old Girl On Facebook Slams Regina Daniels For Having Saggy Breasts

A Facebook user, Mary Jane has just slammed Regina Daniels for having fallen breasts. 164 more words

Celebrity Gossips

Jika Seandainya Zendaya bukan Mary Jane

Hay guys….

Apa kalian sudah nonton Avengers Endgame? Syukurlah kalo udah nonton, jadinya gak penasaran lagi. Yang belum juga gak apa-apa, toh gak dosa juga. … 327 more words