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Elektra by Plain Jane Review

Hey everybody! So this is my honest review of Elektra by plain Jane. I came across this website when I was trying to search for the cheapest hemp possible. 168 more words

Kissed By Our Blazing Sun

Determined for a new beginning,
With old habits I had lost long ago.
Those things I used to do in place of the clouds of smoke, 104 more words

Welcome To The Mary Jane Monster Blog!


I’m assuming you don’t know me. So, this is an introduction post. In this post you’ll learn about me, my passions, and what this blog is about. 156 more words

The Host

“Come on baby,
Let me in!”

“Come on baby,
Let me in!…”

Is all she says to me while I’m shouting,
“Let me live!”
“Let me live!” … 298 more words

Take your Vitamins | Healing 4/20 style

There is enough to do in the morning, from getting ready for work, dressing the kids, eating, packing and much more and I know what your thinking I want you to add more to the list and answer is yes. 102 more words

Health And Wellness

Still from Stories - Spider-Man (2002)

The decision. Do I choose the red pill or the blue, take door number 1 or 2 or do I save the love of my life or a bunch of children. 235 more words