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Adorable Hand Knit Baby Girl Booties

This week I’m featuring my some adorable baby girl¬†booties from my Etsy shop.

First up, is my all time favorite bootie to knit the purple and white hand fuzzy bootie. 239 more words


"Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever."

Last night it rained, but I missed it. The streets were still wet this morning so I didn’t miss it by much. I caught the annoying bug, but it wasn’t a cricket but rather a smokeippus alarmus more commonly known as a smoke¬†alarm. 309 more words


Bucket List #2 "Mary-Janes/Boots"

I can proudly say I am not a fashion-conscious person. I thrive on tshirts and jeans, but maybe cause of mom, art, not-being-the-one-to-shop-for-my-own-clothes, 9gag, pinterest and k-dramas, I’ve managed to stack up whatever knowledge of fashioning that I have. 226 more words

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