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Dailies 3/25/18

Joelle Biele – Postcard

Union Stock Yards, Exchange Buildings and Cattle Pens, Chicago

The river in my heart
is parched and dry.

It packs its bags, leaves… 167 more words

Dailies 2/27/18

John Keene – Words

When you said people did you mean punish?
        	When you said friend did you mean fraud?
When you said thought did you mean terror?
117 more words

Short story: The Death of Paul Bunyan by Charles Payseur, from Lightspeed magazine, December 2016.

Poem: Except for Being It was Relatively Painless by Mary Jo Bang, listened to on the Poem of the Day podcast, from December 2017. 26 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

3 more poems inspiring me right now to write / #amreading #amwriting

My poem-a-day marathon for Tupelo Press is winding down (you can see my running commentary on the poems here), and I can’t believe how quickly it went. 736 more words

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The Divine Comedy has been translated more than a hundred times into English between 1785 and 2017–more than any other book that’s not the Bible or one of the Greek and Roman classics–but Mary Jo Bang’s 2012 translation of the… 1,227 more words

Fiction In Translation

you were you are elegy :: mary jo bang

Fragile like a child is fragile.
Destined not to be forever.
Destined to become other
To mother. Here I am
Sitting on a chair, thinking… 220 more words


A Doll for Throwing

“I learned to use a camera to see what I could be.”

Mary Jo Bang’s A Doll for Throwing is, among other things, a book about photography, but it is also about photographs stolen and appropriated through, shall we say, the arrogance of gender and fame.

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