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30 days of poetry: day twenty-one

February Elegy

By Mary Jo Bang

This bald year, frozen now in February.

This cold day winging over the ugly

Imperfect horizon line,

So often a teeth line of ten buildings. 181 more words


worse :: mary jo bang

You are in the zebra crossing,
Moving into the tornado green morning,
The shabby irradiation
Of sunlight seen though the hint
Or rain about to be. 114 more words


The Best Poetry Books of 2015

This year in poetry was one where certain aspects of the art, certain concepts, we might say, were necessarily challenged and, hopefully, put to rest. 637 more words


The Last Two Seconds (Bang)

It took me some time to find my way into this collection. It’s all angles. It seemed ripe for the comment that what’s most important is what is between the lines, left unsaid. 99 more words


weekend reading

This month’s featured fiction from Covered w/ Fur is Two Stories by Kiik A.K. The first story, All Your Sweet Babes, is about a farm of stray dogs. 412 more words

"You Were You Are Elegy" by Mary Jo Bang

Fragile like a child is fragile.

Destined not to be forever.

Destined to become other

To mother. Here I am

Sitting on a chair, thinking… 226 more words


two nudes :: mary jo bang

hear her read it

I was working in a bookstore and as an antidote to the twin torment of exhaustion and boredom, one day I went with a friend on a walking tour. 199 more words