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Open Heart Surgery by Mary Jo Bang | Poem No. 13 (NPM2017)

Open Heart Surgery

By Mary Jo Bang

I watched while one man’s heart filled the hand

of another. I noticed the inviolate pulsing

envied the sheer tenacity. 115 more words



‘Independently Blue’

Julien Poirier

It’s easy to fly a flag when you live in a nice house
in a beautiful city.
Things have worked out nicely for you, 242 more words

I realized I was part machine, part primitive

The Human Figure in a Dress
Mary Jo Bang

Naked or not, I’m a costume that moves, figurine with a face that changes. You could call me a mood. 157 more words


Mary Jo Bang

Now I predict the future / merely by listening to echoes. A slamming door / can tell you everything you need to know. It’s not a trick / only a simple matter of wisdom, an obsessive attention / to dreams. 14 more words


Viability (Vap)

Viability means, according to a quick search, the ability of a thing (a living organism, an artificial system, an idea, etc.) to maintain itself or recover its potentialities. 109 more words