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And We're Baaaack...with Jennifer Major!

Happy October 2nd (not 1st, in case any of you astute readers noticed my blunder…) and my internet is alive!!!!

And just in time, too, because today, our own Jennifer Major has a wonderful tale to share with you. 1,210 more words

Married... With Fiction

Mysogynist? But I only said I liked her dress...

As Twitter and trolls continue to hit the headlines this week it raises a question of acceptability…

The women receiving those Tweeted threats must have had one hell of a week. 489 more words

Mary Keeley

Are you mixing your messages?

Faking it

My own forays into faking it have been largely confined to the board room: nodding sagely as weird construction terminology was bandied around. I had a great ability to lead the whole room to believe I was totally at home with ‘firring’ and ‘Flemish bonds’ when in reality I was mildly alarmed they were actually talking about something quite unsavoury. 538 more words

Mary Keeley

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to work we go! So have you got a spring in your step for the brand new year or are you struggling to get upright after way too many mince pies? 453 more words

Mary Keeley

2013. What's in it for you?

So what’s on your mind as we approach the holiday season? Are you caught up in a whirlwind of activity creating the perfect Christmas for loved ones? 516 more words

Mary Keeley

Where's the frenzy?

I’m mildly concerned. It’s the second week in December and I’m calm. Where’s the frenzy? Where’s the mild panic at getting the tea, coffee and loo rolls stocked up before the shops close for two days? 446 more words

Mary Keeley

Tackling the overwhelm

It can strike at any time. It can turn you into a whirling dervish who talks very quickly or into a blobster who just wants to watch telly. 420 more words

Mary Keeley