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Should Lawmakers Limit Police Use Of License Plate Images?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Right now, police departments scan and keep millions of license plate images for future investigations.

Twenty-four state police departments scan and keep license plate images, whether the driver is guilty or innocent, comparing the images against a database of wanted criminals, stolen cars and even possible terrorists. 261 more words


Both Sides Weigh In On The Voter ID Amendment

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Voter Identification Amendment seeks to change the constitution to require all voters to show a photo ID before voting.

A recent poll said that more than half of Minnesota voters back the voter ID, but support is down. 399 more words


The Strib Finally Joins Outstate Minnesota Papers In Noticing The Huge Costs And Problems Of ALEC's Voter ID Amendment

I was pleasantly surprised this week to see that the StarTribune had finally, nearly six months after papers in Greater Minnesota first sounded the alarms, deigned to notice what a mess the proposed ALEC “Voter ID” voter suppression amendment would make of both… 328 more words

How Much Will The MN GOP's "Voter ID" Amendment Cost Minnesotans? Between $49 and $139 Million.

In case, after witnessing the walking bounced checks that are Tony Sutton and the Republican Party of Minnesota, you needed any further proof that Republicans in general, and Minnesota Republicans in particular, should never be trusted with Other People’s Money — … 296 more words

Pennsylvania's Vote Chaos Shows Minnesota's Future If Voter ID Amendment Passes

Anyone wonder what would happen to voting in the State of Minnesota should the ALEC-and-Kiffmeyer-inspired voter suppression (aka “voter ID”) amendment is passed? Here’s a taste, courtesy of… 296 more words

What's In a Name? Mark Ritchie and That Which We Call Amendments

(Alternative title to this post: What do you name a ballot question that, by amending the constitution to require presenting Photo ID at the polls, also happens to create a new system for offering ‘free’ state IDs, institutes a “provisional ballot” system in a state that has never had one, and, oh yeah, also ends  the Minnesota tradition of same-day election registration  – and, oh wait, does this all at an enormous but as of yet unstudied cost to property taxpayers?) 1,367 more words