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"Hybrids" at Hillyer

My wife, Mary Murphy, has a show up at IA&A at Hillyer in Washington, D. C. until Feb. 25. You can read about the work… 29 more words

I Like it When

Evy says, she likes it when I read this book…over and over and over and over and over.

This book is a hit with dad too, while I can see some real literary merit in Mary Murphey’s popular, timeless work. 216 more words

Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance & the “the positive human connection” of ballroom dance

“If you would have told me when I was growing up that I would become a professional ballroom dancer, I would have said you were insane.” 1,356 more words

TV & Film

Vicarious menstruation

One aspect of the history of menstruation that is fascinating to a modern reader is the phenomenon of ‘vicarious menstruation’, in which a woman bleeds regularly from another orifice, or even from a wound. 427 more words






Artist Peter Kuper is about to release a new version of his book Kafkaesque, a graphic rendering of several of Franz Kafka’s stories. 61 more words



On Tuesday morning, something special caught our eye over on Twitter. It wasn’t a funny video or an inspirational quote, but a simple hashtag: #picbookday… 759 more words

Friday Reads

Samuel Backler (1784-1870): Family, Thefts and a Changing Career

In which we continue our perusal of the life and times of my 3x g. grandfather, Samuel Backler (1784-1870), tracing the birth and some deaths of his and Mary Pellatt’s children, and witnessing his metamorphosis from apothecary to tobacconist, along with a few brushes on the right side of the law at the Old Bailey. 1,728 more words