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Pride & Precedence: Snow Woe

There is a song from your modern era called I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. Seriously? Snow has become not my dream but my nightmare. 526 more words


Pride and Precedence: Springtime is "Fly Time"

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Everyone loves the spring–with longer days, a bit less rain, and warmer weather. But living as I do, only a short walk from the mansion of the squire, springtime is also “fly time.” 430 more words


Pride & Precedence: Like I Should be Musical?

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Of all the demands made upon a lady, musical performance is the most unfair. Upon every occasion–say, a rainy afternoon, or before tea, and certainly with after-dinner guests–a lady is asked to play and sing. 353 more words

Laura Hile

Pride and Precedence: In-house Insomnia

An advice column by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

If only I could sleep properly! But the demands of a household are myriad, and as you know I am the… 534 more words


Pride & Precedence: Short-term Memory Loss?

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Recently my mother-in-law has been talking about short-term memory loss. I think she read about it in one of those London periodicals. 492 more words


Pride & Precedence: What Valentine?

An advice column by Persuasion’s own Mary Musgrove

It’s beginning to look a lot like Valentine’s Day. Or so says a popular song from your era, adapted for the occasion. 560 more words