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Finding Jane Austen in the Most Unlikely Places: Savannah, Georgia

How to annoy friends and loved ones: offering daily proof that all things come back to Jane Austen, no matter the context. There have been a good number of very funny and unexpected results to support this theory – I always surprised and delighted in these “sightings” of Austen in the strangest places – my friends? 1,717 more words

Jane Austen

10 of my Favorite Fictitious Characters

Here are some of the book, movie, and television characters I grew up loving.

1. Anne Shirley, “I wouldn’t want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I’d like it if he could be wicked and wouldn’t.” – … 192 more words

Inspired By Books

Mary Musgrove

Born Coosaponakeesa, Mary Musgrove helped maintain the peace between her people the Creeks and the colonists in Georgia by acting as a translator between the groups. 268 more words

Meeting A Need

Indigenous Views: Women in Early Colonial America

The famous American historian Alan Taylor infers that “the essential role of women in building colonial societies” has recently been illuminated due to the development of complex historiography. 2,551 more words


And we have a winner! Or two!

I was so excited about announcing the winners of the giveaway this morning that I leapt from my bed, raced to the kitchen counter, hand wrote the entries on parchment, cut them up into perfect squares with safety scissors, carefully separated them into two piles (international and US), and delicately placed my fingers just so as I drew out four names – all while still in my Gamecock jammies (bought for Pajama Day at school). 204 more words

Robin Helm

No 15. Annual leave is for illness, not holidays

“I knew how it would be. This is always my luck. if there is anything disagreeable going on men are always sure to get out of it… And so, here he is to go away and enjoy himself and  because I am the poor mother, I am not allowed to stir, and yet, I am sure, I am more unfit than any body else to be about the child.” (Persuasion)

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Single Parenting

February 1st, a letter in Persuasion

I make no apology for reproducing this letter in full – it is a masterclass in Jane Austen wit and hilarity. It’s February 1st today and here is the letter that Mary Musgrove sends to her sister Anne Elliot whilst she is in Bath on that day in 1815 in Jane Austen’s wonderful novel Persuasion. 1,188 more words