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Wedding Wednesday - Thomas Musgrove and Winfred Agnes Taylor

Here is an article from the Burnley Express reporting on the wedding of my uncle Thomas (Tommy) Musgrove to Winfred Agnes Taylor (or auntie Winnie as she was known). 7 more words

Wedding Wednesday

Mary Musgrove, An Introduction

So here we go, Mary Musgrove (1700-1763).

Who was she? Well she was Coosaponakeesa to the Creek/Yamacraw peoples. To the Anglicans of the Georgia colony she was Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth. 328 more words


Pride & Precedence: Snow Woe

There is a song from your modern era called I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. Seriously? Snow has become not my dream but my nightmare. 526 more words


Pride and Precedence: Springtime is "Fly Time"

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Everyone loves the spring–with longer days, a bit less rain, and warmer weather. But living as I do, only a short walk from the mansion of the squire, springtime is also “fly time.” 430 more words


Pride & Precedence: Like I Should be Musical?

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Of all the demands made upon a lady, musical performance is the most unfair. Upon every occasion–say, a rainy afternoon, or before tea, and certainly with after-dinner guests–a lady is asked to play and sing. 353 more words

Laura Hile

Pride and Precedence: In-house Insomnia

An advice column by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

If only I could sleep properly! But the demands of a household are myriad, and as you know I am the… 534 more words


Pride & Precedence: Short-term Memory Loss?

A continuing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

Recently my mother-in-law has been talking about short-term memory loss. I think she read about it in one of those London periodicals. 492 more words