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Mary Quant: Mary, Mary

   Mary, Mary, where you goin’ to?
Mary, Mary, can I go too.
This one thing I will vow ya,
I’d rather die than to live without ya.  118 more words


Mary Quant: Fashion Icon Exhibition

By Sarah Catherine Jones

Perhaps one the most revolutionary designers of our time, Mary Quant’s non-conformist attitude to fashion perfectly captured the cultural progression of the sixties and seventies. 285 more words


'You Say You Want A Revolution'

I was lucky enough to visit the amazing exhibition on the 60s called ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ on Wednesday 16th November with my classmates from college. 263 more words


Mary Quant

At The Clothworkers’ Centre for the Study and Conservation of Textiles and Fashion, I saw a Chanel 1950, a Dior 1947, and a Mary Quant buckle pinafore dress. 319 more words


V&A Blythe House, Clothworkers' Centre

The visit to the V&A Clothworkers’ Centre allowed us to personally view garments from past eras close up.

I have been finding that the Culture & Context module is a beneficial partner to the Fashion Trend Analysis course in that they both rely on linking contemporary PESTEL factors to the clothing produced at a certain time. 334 more words

Why I love hippies!

The civil rights movement. Free love. The Pill. The Beatles. Easy Rider. Mary Quant. Swinging London. Midnight Cowboy. Jimi Hendrix. Woodstock… From a decade threatening to collapse into the abyss of post war austerity, racism and rampant misogyny – like a phoenix bursting from the ashes of the 50s wasteland, the 60s soared high, with its signature kaleidoscopic colours and ignited an exciting explosion of political activism, music, fashion and of course everyone’s favourite subject – sex. 295 more words


Fashion History: Mini Skirts and Mini Cars - What More Could You Quant From The 60s

“The 1960s were responsible for some of the greatest movements in art, in mime, in music, in dance, in cinema,” Steven Berkoff.

Whether you were into The Beatles or The Stones, wore mini skirt or loons, the baby boomer generation influenced the decades to come in thousands of ways. 44 more words

Fashion History