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Low Tech Solace in a High Tech World

Our local hospital ERs compete for customers by advertising wait time. But a visit to a British Accident and Emergency Department (as they call it), convinced me there are better ways to make this often harrowing experience more user friendly. 200 more words

Daily Thoughts

Moving on... From 1666 to the Victorians!

This week sees a change of Humanities topic in Year 2. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London but are just as excited to learn about the Victorians. 155 more words

Leadership Academy Day 2 - Academy Overview - 8/9/15

Today was my first day at the Leadership Academy, it started off with a tour around the facilities. Everything was very new and had a very decorative feel, in terms of NHS facilities, it was very well looked after and very modern. 333 more words

NHS Leadership Academy

Some inspiring Victorian careerwomen

Think of Jane Austen’s heroines: middle-class girls who live with their parents, doing needlework, painting watercolours and playing the piano – until a man proposes, whereupon they get married and run their own household, perhaps doing a spot of charity work in their spare time. 780 more words

Death and your legacy if you want to have one...

Last Sunday I visited the Kensal Green Cemetery it is located in North West London and is one of the oldest (opened in 1833) and most distinguished public burial grounds.  775 more words

Glow At Work

Victoria in Black: “Race” and Queen Victoria

Today is Victoria Day, a curiously antiquated holiday to celebrate, in Canada, a queen of England who has been dead for over a hundred years. (In Quebec, they tried to change the name to honor a Frenchman who died battling the Iroquois near what is now Montréal; now the holiday is called National Patriot’s Day in Quebec, to celebrate the struggle for freedom from British rule in the year that Victoria came to power, 1837.) The reason for this continuing praise of the deceased monarch is that Victoria is seen as the “Mother of Confederation” in Canada. 1,029 more words

Children's Literature

A walk among the stone saints and angels: St Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green

Next door to the well-known Kensal Green, one of London’s “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries, is another vast necropolis.  The two cemeteries are separated only by a tall brick wall, and although they are similar in age, and include many similar memorials, there are differences between the two cemeteries – some subtle, others less so.   1,573 more words