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Monster March | Frankenstein’s Army

While Schlock Magazine gets its ‘Monster March’ on the road, I troop away with my own, starting with a shit-and-mud caked gem.

That there is something both liberating and enslaving about the monster is a well-worn trope in both popular culture and popular discussion. 308 more words


Elegance is inferior to virtue. – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Better Than No 2: The Bride of Frankenstein

Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters… James Whale had a knack for making horror literary staples like the creeping creaking house, demented scientist and classic monsters appear even darker on the cinema screen. 428 more words


Feminism: Or like do you think I'm pretty though?

A couple close friends and I have on ongoing joke about our bizarre relationship with rejection. All of us have an icky, deep-seated desire to respond to personal rejection with “But like…you think I’m pretty, right?” 1,289 more words


One down, nine to go.

I said I’d read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ten times, and log how my understanding of the work deepens. I’m counting this as my first go through, as this time I read it with the eye of a 39 year old looking to write about it, as opposed to what I was last time, a 19 year old on a bus in Brighton, lamenting how quickly the batteries on her Discman ran out, so not really paying attention. 357 more words


Friday Reads - Closing time....

I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks, oh well.  157 more words


"There is something in your words"

The narrator changes often throughout the novel and before it even begins, readers are presented with Mary Shelley’s introduction. Without the introduction, people would be horrified that a young girl could come up with a story as disturbing as this one. 634 more words