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I wasn’t enthused when I first picked up a copy of Frankenstein for an English class. I had no concept of what the original story had been about, and thought I might be doomed to have one of those academic “classic” nightmares where one wonders why a book is even still read. 332 more words


5 Mind Blowing Inventions & World Changing Ideas That Came From Dreams

Is there more to dreaming than we think? Has a dream ever influenced the path of your life?

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Gilded Chalet

The Gilded Chalet PB is designed by me and the portraits are drawn by the wonderful illustrator Alan Vest. Learn more about the literary greats such as Byron, Mary Shelley and James Joyce in this book.

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Author of the Fortnight: Mary Shelley

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw

Mary Shelley was an English writer and novelist, perhaps most famous for her gothic – horror novel ‘Frankenstein’; throughout the world, Shelley’s work is widely acknowledged, and analysed in great detail. 227 more words


Sympathising with the Monster

Today I want to talk about “Frankestein”. I decided to write about Mary Shelley’s novel because I have just finished reading it and, with big amazement, I discovered it to be completely different from what I imagined. 644 more words



I’m moving into a new apartment soon. It’s not so far from where I live now, but in a neighborhood with more amenities, and it’s slightly better connected via public transport, too. 808 more words