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Critiques of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

Creation of Life: From Matter to Creature

Dreary, dismal, half-extinguished, dull, and a catastrophe are just some of the words describing the creation of life, in Mary Shelley’s novel entitled… 1,508 more words

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Every year I make an effort to dedicate some of my reading to classics. Last year I managed to read three: “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” 411 more words

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Frankenstein and the Indonesian volcano

Apparently, we owe Frankenstein to a volcano in Indonesia which erupted, made turn the weather rubbish in Europe and created many dark and stormy nights over the Geneva Lake. 153 more words


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I’m reading  Frankenstein at the moment. Part of my promise to myself to read “the classics”. I have to admit I’ve been disappointed with quite a few, but not this one. 175 more words

Mind, Body And Soul

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) was an English novelist best known for Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein; Victor attributes his tragic fate to his relentless search for knowledge. Do you think this is the true cause of his suffering? In what ways does the novel present knowledge as dangerous and destructive?

The relentless search for knowledge is portrayed to be dangerous and destructive in Shelly’s Frankenstein. Dangerous for both those who pursue knowledge (Victor and Walton) and those around those who pursue knowledge ( I.e. 332 more words


Mary Shelley

We never do what we wish when we wish it, and when we desire a thing earnestly, and it does arrive, that or we are changed, so that we slide from the summit of our wishes and find ourselves where we were. ― Mary Shelley