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Quote of the Week #22

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”

~ Mary Shelley


The lunar eclipse in Pisces – how is your lunar eclipse day, so far?

How is your day so far, as the lunar eclipse’s power builds? I have had a very strange day: didn’t sleep too well, feeling scratchy, raw, went into city centre to drift around some shops, could not settle, feeling alternately drifty and unfocused then surging with the need to DO something useful. 900 more words


Frankensteins Monster | the first

I am currently working on a list for an infographic of films, influential horror films since the beginning. There is a lot of history to not just horror films, but film and the art of. 440 more words


Sacred Monster: The Gothic Theology of Frankenstein (Public lecture, 21st September)

The monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has been interpreted in various ways, from the embodiment of bad science to a metaphor for society and its treatment of the other… 338 more words

Literature Events

Frankenstein — Mary Shelley

Judul: Frankenstein

Penulis: Mary Shelley

Penerbit: Gramedia (2014)

Tebal: 312 halaman

Pada waktu sebelum membaca ini, ternyata saya salah paham. Frankenstein adalah nama yang tidak begitu asing di cerita-cerita fiksi, yang dibilang berasal dari karya klasik terkenal. 375 more words


Revising the Author: Shannon's postcard from Oxford

Why I went…

I am not the best at writing, but I do enjoy it. To know that some of the best writers also needed help revising what they wrote is something that is comforting to me. 264 more words

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Your showtune for September 13 is

“Birth to My Creation” – Frankenstein

Music: Mark Baron   Lyrics: Jeffrey Jackson

During this chilling number, Victor Frankenstein gives birth to his creation, the creature he shuns and turns into a vengeful monster in this musical based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel.  27 more words