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Frankenstein, Voltaire, and Time Warping

I just finished reading Frankenstein.  It has remained a classic for good reason.  There is not much I feel I can add to that.  However, I can’t stop being in disbelief that it was written by a 19 year old, especially a 19 year old woman in a time when woman were often treated as second class citizens. 154 more words

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly- Book Review

Frankenstein (Or The Modern Prometheus) by Mary Shelly

The book was written in 1816 when Mary Shelly was about 18, and published a few years later.   520 more words

Book Reviews

Horror Celebrity birthday: Mary Shelley

On this day in 1797 Gothic horror author Mary Shelley was born. You may know her as the mind behind Frankenstein.  Her life was riddled with tragedy and difficulty, as any good novelist’s seems to be. 141 more words


JCO Meets a Serial Killer

Zombie By Joyce Carol Oates

After reviewing JCO’s most current effort, The Sacrifice (the review of which will appear here soon) elsewhere, we couldn’t help admiring her for her fearlessness in tackling any number of subjects. 493 more words


Storytime: "The Old House" (1)

(So, this is gonna be a reoccurring series of posts regarding a fictional letter I wrote one day on the bus from Minneapolis, based mostly off of my experiences with the excellent “ 903 more words

Frankenstein - Mary Shelly

Many people don’t realise that the green giant disfigured man with bolts on the sides of his head isn’t actually Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the well-known beast. 197 more words


Nerdy Valentines

Know someone who appreciates a nerdy valentine? Ditch the mushy card and try one of theses 7 hilarious ones.