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The Nightmare

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From the start, caricaturists also adopted Fuseli’s composition, and political figures from Napoleon Bonaparte to President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all been lampooned in satirical versions of Fuseli’s painting.

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Mary Shelley

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For the upcoming romance film, see Mary Shelley (film). 10,505 more words

The Last Man Volume III:

Title: The Last Man Volume III:

Author: Mary Shelly

We find our travelers preparing to close forever the doors of their home, to journey into new and changed lands. 428 more words


Daily Quote V: The Last Man

Title: The Last Man Volume III:

Author: Mary Shelly

While we paused thus in our onward career

towards death,

time held on its accustomed course.


“This Monstrous Thing” by Mackenzi Lee

This book (signed by the author, no less) was given to me as a cast off. It had been received as a door prize… Talk about low expectations! 292 more words

In Defense of Fantasy and Scifi

I came across this article on Wired today, about how colleges aren’t accepting of the fantasy and science fiction genre as a valid literary avenue. I agree that for the most part, they are not. 282 more words