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Homework (due Wednesday 28th September)

This week’s homework is due in on Wednesday 28th September 2016. Remember if you are stuck, or need help, please ask and I will available to help you on Tuesday lunchtime. 177 more words


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Following our post on Sunday, (https://murreyandblue.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/a-lock-of-a-kings-hair/) you may have heard that there was a lock of hair in Moyse’s Hall Museum, Bury St. Edmunds, belonging to Edward’s granddaughter Mary “Tudor”, who became Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk. 32 more words

John Ashdown-Hill

Henry VIII is buried where?!

Henry VIII is buried where?!

Portrait of Henry VIII. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

He’s the king who had six wives and tired of them like a child tires of toys, who rid himself (and the world) of anyone who disagreed with him, didn’t like the pope and was fat…. 2,049 more words

Jane Boleyn – Condemner of Queens - Part 1

Jane Parker, who was a distant cousin of King Henry VIII, came from a wealthy, well-connected, politically active and respected family and through an arranged marriage, became the wife of George Boleyn. 1,530 more words


Mary seizes the throne (Henry Machyn, 1553)

Henry Machyn wrote in his diary in 1553:

“The xix day of July was … Mare proclamyd qwene … , sister of the late kyng Edward the vi and daughter unto the nobull Henry  the viii … , and … ther was … song, and … belles ryngyng thrugh London, and bone-fyres, and tabuls in evere strett, and wyne and beer and alle, … and ther was money cast a-way”. 44 more words

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Anne Boleyn - Wicked Stepmother or Historical Scapegoat?

In last week’s blog I explored how Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon’s daughter Mary Tudor was affected by her parent’s martial breakdown and the King’s eventual marriage to Anne Boleyn. 686 more words

Anne Boleyn

Lady Mary & The King's Wife

Princess Mary Tudor (later Mary I of England) was the daughter and only surviving child of Henry VIII and his first wife Katherine of Aragon’s 24-year marriage. 541 more words

Anne Boleyn