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Mary Tudor, Charles Brandon & a Match Made in (Dramatic) Heaven

There was one thing that Henry VIII and his siblings had in common: marrying whoever they wanted. Certainly we know how Henry went about this, but less known is the extent to which his sisters did. 4,047 more words

The House Of Tudor

The Marriage of Mary Tudor and Louis XII

On the 13th August 1514 Mary Tudor was married to King Louis XII. The Duke of Longueville acted as proxy for the French king, accompanied by Johannes de Selve the President of the Supreme Court of Normandy and the French general Thomas Boyer. 341 more words

Katherine of Aragon: Part Two: The Abandoned Queen

Previously in our examination of the life of Katherine of Aragon: Katherine received an unusually thorough education for a girl of her time (but didn’t learn about court intrigue or romance), was kept sort-of a prisoner for seven years, and then happy ending!! 2,128 more words


Katherine of Aragon: Part One: The Princess Bride

In university, I took a course in Tudor and Stuart history and on the first day, the professor went around the room to learn why we had each chosen to take the course. 3,495 more words


Mary seizes the throne (Henry Machyn, 1553)

Henry Machyn wrote in his diary in 1553:

“The xix day of July was … Mare proclamyd qwene … , sister of the late kyng Edward the vi and daughter unto the nobull Henry  the viii … , and … ther was … song, and … belles ryngyng thrugh London, and bone-fyres, and tabuls in evere strett, and wyne and beer and alle, … and ther was money cast a-way”. 46 more words

On This Day

The True Story of Bloody Mary

We all know the legend. Step inside your bathroom, light your single candle and utter the words “Bloody Mary” thrice over. Within the darkened reflection of the mirror will surface a woman, both sad and sadistic, determined to change your life (or end it) forever. 922 more words

True Story

A Re-Examination of Mary Tudor

If people haven’t got her confused with Mary Queen of Scots, the defining trait of Mary Tudor is the burning of 300 Protestants that occurred during her turbulent five-year reign from 1553 to 1558. 2,830 more words