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Catherine of Aragon - queen of England

History might have been very different had the baby boy born on New Year’s Day 1511 survived beyond the first perilous months of infancy. Starkey records that two hundred and seven pounds of gunpowder were used to celebrate the child’s birth. 589 more words

Sixteenth Century

Wyatt’s Rebellion (1554)

On this day in 1554, on Tower Hill, Sir Thomas Wyatt was beheaded and quartered for high treason for his part in “Wyatt’s rebellion”  against the Queen, Mary, and in particular her plan  to marry the Catholic King of Spain, Philip (*). 443 more words

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Catherine of Aragon - humble and loyal

Each of Henry VIII’s wives chose their own motto and emblem. Anne Boleyn’s motto was ‘Most Happy.” After that Henry’s queens must have chosen their motto with rather a lot of care and not a little dread. 626 more words

Sixteenth Century

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

On 18th March 1496, Queen Elizabeth of York, wife of King Henry VII, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Richmond Palace. The little girl was named Mary and her birth was recorded by Elizabeth in her Psalter. 184 more words

March 3, 1515 – Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon Secretly Married

Mary Tudor, youngest sister of Henry VIII, was known as one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe – which made her a valuable commodity in the political marriage market. 353 more words

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Carlos, Rey Emperador: Episode 17 Review

One of my favourite shows of all time is Breaking Bad. Many things about it made it great, but if there was something that I always found ironic about it, it was the fact that it spent five seasons talking about how the main character was going to die of cancer, and in the end he died of a gunshot in the stomach. 2,560 more words