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Carlos, Rey Emperador: Episode 17 Review

One of my favourite shows of all time is Breaking Bad. Many things about it made it great, but if there was something that I always found ironic about it, it was the fact that it spent five seasons talking about how the main character was going to die of cancer, and in the end he died of a gunshot in the stomach. 2,560 more words


10 Queens that deserve their own television show: Part One

For my second post, I planned and started and completely different post about my favourite television shows of 2015, a post I do intend to finish. 1,319 more words

Catherine De Medici

The Marriage of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor

On 14th January 1515, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, was sent to France under orders from Henry VIII to bring back Henry’s sister, the newly widowed Mary Tudor. 148 more words


Hey everyone The Historical Diaries has a second book now available on Amazon Kindle! This book dives into the lives and character of Mary I of England and Anne Boleyn. 108 more words

January 1st, 1515: the death of Louis XII and a lucky escape for Mary.

New Year’s Day in 1515, King Louis XII of France died, much to the elation of Mary Tudor (Henry VIII’s sister). Henry had sent his little sister to marry the fat old king, obviously she was less than impressed about this, and asked that once he died she would be free to choose her next match. 367 more words

The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty by G.J Meyer

My initial goal of providing a post at least once a month was postponed as I have just finished a rather large and very factual Tudor biography that was just over 600 pages (and took me a month and a half to read). 1,512 more words

Edward VI

NaBloPoMo Day 29: A Smile for a Kiss

Will you kiss me?

Will you restore my smile?

It has gone running, fleeing from my lips.

Will you beckon it back? Cajole and convince it? 85 more words