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Why Waste Time on Such A Broken-Down Beat-Up Organization as the Church?

Jesus’ mom and brothers try to speak with him but they can’t because he is surrounded by crowds of people. Someone tells Jesus that his family wants to see him, but he surprises everyone with his response. 553 more words


Matthew 1:18-2:23

Matthew and Luke each tell a portion of the Christmas story.  Luke gives the background to Mary’s pregnancy while Matthew highlights the events that take place after Mary’s pregnancy becomes known.  3,563 more words


Why Christianity hides and denies images of God’s mother, wife and the Holy Spirit

One reason is so that people won’t see that God’s mother and the Holy Spirit have cow’s ears and have their hair bound up tightly to resemble a serpent’s tail. 619 more words

Brian Patten - Mary's Lamb

(Poem No.44 of my favourite short poems)

Brian Patten made his name in the 1960s as one of the Liverpool Poets, alongside Adrian Henri and Roger McGough.  111 more words


The Promise of Divine Disruption

Luke 1:26-38, Common English Bible

That’s impossible!  How many times have we heard those two words and agreed or said those words with a strong belief?   210 more words

Sermon Notes

Mary in the dark room
with the green window
and the ceiling that sprinkles warm rain
dances like a lonely demon
gasping and sighing
writhing against a phantom frame.

Magnificat days

Magnificat season can be observed in the second half of August beginning with the feast of the Virgin Mary on 15th. It’s not a recognised church season. 692 more words