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Carissimi: Sunday’s Mass; Quinquagesima

Quinquagesima Sunday Missa “Esto mihi in Deum protectórem”

Quinquagesima is the name used in the Western Church for the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. It was also called Quinquagesima Sunday, Quinquagesimae, Estomihi, or Shrove Sunday. 1,783 more words


Choosing the Better Part.

Lately I’ve been learning the lesson that Jesus taught Martha about choosing the better part. And it’s a lesson that I will need to continually learn as my life evolves. 319 more words

Day 35 ~ Cracking the code

John found a piece of paper in his mailbox that read:

Caught up in Love
90 16 5
92 22 1
94 6 10
98 10 9…
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Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Our Lady on Saturday

Our Lady on Saturday: Missa “Salve, sancta parens

The Mass of the Blessed Virgin shows us Mary as Mother of our Savior. She was destined for her role in the history of our salvation (Epistle), for as Eve was the intermediary chosen by the angel of darkness to bring about the fall of Adam, so also Mary the intermediary to whom the angel Gabriel delivered the message of salvation from Heaven. 712 more words


Healing Stars of The Universe by Mother Mary

Blessings are sent from the essence of my soul into your being; I am Mother Mary, overseer of the 9th Ray of Light, a member of the Board of Karma, an essence of the Divine Mother and Queen of the Angelic Kingdom. 28 more words

Last Sunday before Lent: Estomihi

Watchword: “See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man by the prophets will be accomplished… 1,281 more words