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Grammy Camp 2016

Hello friends– I’m pretty much sprawled out on the couch this morning– winding down after 3 busy days of Grammy Camp with those wacky, lovable, full of fun grand-girls.   229 more words



Hello everyone! Please visit my webpage because it tackles everything about myself :) You can also view some pictures of mine together with my friends. This webpage is website-friendly because it doesn’t contain bad things but good things about myself and my friends. Thanks and God Bless

Baegod - Seashells (prod. by SBΛCΞ)

If This Is What The Moon Sounds Like represents Maryann and Bedroomtrapn represents Baegod, then Seashells is a happy marriage of two personas. 266 more words

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Road Trip to San Francisco with those Grand-girls

Morning fog across the hills at the old Fort Baker on the Bay (now a hotel, restaurant)

Hello friends–Just back from a trip up the coast with 3 girls in the backseat to San Francisco to hang out with their aunts, uncles and cousins.   171 more words


Tale of a Girl and Her Excavator

Once upon a time there lived a woman named Keaven, who cared little for sparkly baubles and useless trinkets. And so it came to pass, that on the eve of her 27th year, she received a gift of celebration that could only be viewed as functional, and joy was spread throughout the land. 340 more words

Makeup Haul with Mary Ann

I love me some MaryAnn!

We’ve been making plans for some time now, and they never seem to come through. Life I guess. This time, we were finally following through. 322 more words