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Baltimore + Amtrak = Death Fest

This is not any kind of statement on current affairs…. Just the first trek of my journey, taking an Amtrak to Baltimore for the Maryland Death fest. 109 more words

Maryland Death Fest

Quickies: News from Windhand, a 30th Anniversary Tour for Sepultura, and a Cool Release from Metallica for Record Store Day

Two more days until I’m off to Detroit. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…. I’m probably one of a very select excited about that concept. 172 more words


Album Review: Pelican - "The Cliff"

Pelican will go down in history as that band given the impossible task of following Carcass at Maryland Deathfest 2013. But I gotta say, they performed admirably that night…I stayed for almost half an hour! 720 more words


Quickies: New Stuff From Goatwhore, Electric Wizard, and One Tour I Care About.

Germany!!!!!!!! …they won that World Cup thing we’ve been talking about. Kinda neat. But, back to the content that you care about I guess… metal stuff. 181 more words


"My lil' Murrican Adventure" - MDF retrospective

Guest writer Shruti Kumar wrote about her experience at Maryland Death Fest and wanted us to put it up here. It’s a nice little read that gives some insight into the things people are willing to do to see the best extreme metal festival in contemporary times. 1,324 more words

Hardcore Punk

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Opium Morals (2013)

Seven Sisters of SleepOpium Morals (20 March 2013, A389 Records)

Well folks, the last weekend in May is upon us, which means that most of my peers in the music-writing industry (and many of my other metal-loving friends as well) have made their annual pilgrimage to Baltimore for the year’s largest metal festival (outside of Europe, of course), … 532 more words


Quickies: May 14, 2014

Can we please start referring to Wednesday as something other than ‘Hump Day’? I’m just really tired of the association with that stupid camel commercial. Either way, it’s over and only five working days (and two shows) separate me from Maryland Death Fest. 176 more words