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CBS Sports: Turgeon's Unlikely Turnaround

A year ago, Mark Turgeon turned up on every “hot seat” list in the country. Now he has the potential No. 1 team in the country. 102 more words


Cliff Lampe at Webshop 2011 at University of Maryland

Check out these computer security images:
Cliff Lampe at Webshop 2011 at University of Maryland

Image by Marc_Smith
Webshop 2011 was held at the University of Maryland on August 23-26, 2011. 15 more words

D.C. Looking at Tech That Alerts CPR-Trained People To Nearby Heart Attacks

WASHINGTON — When a person goes into cardiac arrest, they only have about a 10-minute window to survive, and brain damage starts to occur between four and six minutes. 395 more words


Gone But Not Forgotten, The Penguins Of Silver Spring

Although the penguins of Silver Spring’s Metro station are still gone, The Penguin Post has learned that a Montgomery County official says residents can rest assured they haven’t been forgotten. 386 more words

Penguin Post


Le Stoner Metal est un genre qui est resté confidentiel pendant des décennies. Aujourd’hui, quelques fers de lance connaissent l’apogée de leur carrière et apparaissent soudainement aux yeux du « grand public » (je mets des guillemets parce que bon, ça reste tout de même relatif), comme les… 961 more words


Flavorwire Video Premiere: Dope Body Go Down to the Basement in "Obey"

Dope Body is a prolific noise rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Formed in 2008, since 2009, Dope Body (vocalist Andrew Laumann, guitarist Zachary Utz, bassist John Jones and drummer David Jacober) has averaged one release per year. 130 more words


Inconvenient Statistics

Eugene Volokh has run the numbers, and it turns out that there is no significant correlation between the strictness of gun laws and homicide rates. (There is a slight correlation between strict gun laws and higher homicide rates, but that inconvenient result isn’t strong enough to be significant.) 104 more words