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Great Mills High School student, Jaelynn Willey, Passes Away.

It’s real unfortunate that one of the victims of the Maryland school shooting died recently from her wounds. Myself and many others thought that there were no casaulties in this event, besides the shooter until news broke out that one of the students who was injured died Thursday March 22, yesterday at 11pm. 10 more words

Facebook Comes Under Siege

But Facebook's headaches, coupled with slackening user growth and changes in how major brands look at social media as an advertising vehicle, could soften its grip. 47 more words


Old Firehouse, Ellicott City, Maryland

This  is  the  old  firehouse  in  Ellicott  City,  Maryland.  It  is  now  a  museum.

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Facebook Tries to Calm Advertisers After Cambridge Analytica Crisis

Still, several marketers—including Commerzbank, Germany's second-largest bank; Mozilla, owner of the web browser Firefox; Sonos, maker of wireless speakers; and Pep Boys' auto-parts stores—have said they are pulling their Facebook advertising, some only temporarily, as the social network … 26 more words

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On a Side Note: Seeing Russians in the Dark

SEEC attorney Shannon Kief explained that unlike a lawn sign or a mailer, social media advertisements are fleeting and can disappear quickly. But, of course, once someone sees it they are forever corrupted by the message and must do as the advertisement commands. 34 more words

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'Big Tech' isn't one big monopoly – it's 5 companies all in different businesses

Together, the two companies collected 63 percent of U.S. digital advertising dollars in 2017. Both companies earn most of … That is a far better deal than what is offered in traditional media advertising, where payment is for how many people are shown an ad, rather than customers' responses. 28 more words

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'Forman v. Henkin': Discovery in the Age of Social Media

Prior to Forman, the developed case law with respect to discovery of social media accounts largely required a defendant to lay a factual predicate for the relevancy of the evidence being demanded. 44 more words

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