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UK Artist Katie Bright's "Pre-Love Past Loves"Lights Up New York's Melrose Ballroom

There is an “art” that comes with fashion, be it style or design, which is why the transition from fashion to art was a smooth one for creative mastermind and performer Katie Bright, also known by her artist name, Miss BrightSide. 688 more words

Sodomy in the white house

Sodomy in the white house.

 It should be noted that Sodomy in the white house became common when our nations first gay president James Buchanan stayed in the white house. 360 more words

Traditionalchurch Of Satan

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“O PRESENTE DE NATAL” – por O. Henry

Apresentamos hoje nesta rubrica a adaptação de um conto do famoso jornalista e escritor norte-americano O. Henry… 599 more words

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Dhanista Nakshatra

Caratteristiche tecniche del nakshatra di Dhanista

Segno Astrologico a cui Appartiene: Capricorno e Aquario

Gradi: 23.20° capricorno-6.40° aquario

Divinità Governante: Gli otto vasu, dei dell’abbondanza. 846 more words

Astrologia Vedica

The Le Pen blond ladies may win the elections in France, what next ?

“Fluctuat, nec mergitur”, et “Qui vivra, verra, ou rira, ou pas” as they say in Paris, France …

More about the Front National and French elections… 65 more words

The marilyn instance

Marilyn wasn’t happy to be forced into having sex with politicians, her body was filled with natural Venusian energies in the first place. It was calling for the true male energy… Not for the politician winnies she had to take due to the fact she was condemned to accept whatever the lodge would ask her. 30 more words