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Masaki Article: In a Guesthouse [英語・日本語]

When you think of a guesthouse, what do you imagine?
Is it really fun? Is the lack of private sleeping space scary?

ゲストハウスと聞いてあなたはどんな場所を思い浮かべますか?楽しい場所なのだろうか?プライベートな空間がなくて眠る時に怖い思いをしないだろうか? 366 more words


Japanese Drama Review: My Girl (TV Asahi)

Aiba drama time! When “My Girl” first aired back in 2009, I had high hopes for it–I’m a sucker for father-daughter stories. But, I dropped it after the first or second episode, and upon watching it again, I’m reminded of the reasons I stopped watching it in the first place. 1,155 more words