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Meatball Masala: An Inspired Post and Recipe

Happy Monday Guys!

Well with this gloomy weather we are having, I figured the easiest way I could warm up your Monday was with a super kick ass recipe! 722 more words


Spice Kitchen : Murgh Hara Masala

Sundays are all about the chicken in most households, admitidly it’s usually a roasted. In the house I grew up in, our weekends didn’t culminate in a Sunday roast but a variety of spiced dishes. 369 more words


Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

Way back in the day, when flying horses were still a thing, Bellerophon faced off against the deadly chimera. A week back I faced off against something similar – the Mysore Masala Chopsuey Dosa. 449 more words


Kerala Mutta Curry - eggs baked in masala 

Here’s a great brunch dish that will add spice to any weekend . I made this for a clients 30th birthday brunch when I was running Malabar Aaanaa, all who attended loved this dish and said that the brunch added to a very special weekend. 340 more words


Stir fried Broccoli with Indian spices

As we all know Broccoli is not an Indian vegetable, it reached India just a few years ago. But we Indians are good at adapting new things and use them according to our taste. 274 more words


Bread Masala

This is something made in our household when there is leftover bread, mind you not mouldy!

This is very similar to the south Indian version of bread upma but with very mild twists ie it does have a good sprinkling of Garam masala which is not commonly used in the south Indian cuisine. 549 more words