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Granny's masala dal

My wonderful mum painstakingly typed up her mother’s masala dal recipe, as she only had her handwritten version. But she’s kindly scanned the handwritten version for me so I could include it in the blog. 357 more words

Garam, Too Heavy Dose Of A Masala

Garam, Too Heavy Dose Of A Masala

Young hero Aadi, son of versatile voice artist and actor Saikumar, is arriving with “Garam” now. As the movie is set for February 12th release, he is now working hard to promote the film. ….…..Read More……


Item Movie …the twenty minutes of Shakti kapoor in hindi movies is now stretched to a full ….watch it only if you can …..its a definite step down of sunny leone from porn to pop corn …..

Rated 10 ★


Tofu Masala with cabbage 

New year start with some good weather for East coast, then big storm dumping 2 feet of snow in one day. When there is storm in winter means no going out, come up with some new recipie to try as i cook and watch snow falling from my kitchen. 297 more words

My Indian Fling.

Much to my surprise, a lot of the British people i know really like Indian food. The only time I would see my colleagues not eating a sandwich or salad is when they are having Indian curry. 1,276 more words


1-28-16 At The Bloated Chicken Pub


(while holding my mug proudly in my hand)

I drank from the breast of a bloated chicken.

“Masala Madness,” I cried!

the engorged fever burp of my desire… 68 more words