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Squid Mythology from Australia

According to 1000 Symbols by Rowena and Rupert Shepherd, “Aborigines in the Wessel Islands of Australia’s Arnhem Land regard the squid as a healer. In their ancestral mythology, the female squid is believed to have created all the features of the landscape and the local family clans. 56 more words


Sheep Mascots

Last week was sheep week on Ferrebeekeeper. I was surprised by the extent to which sheep farming and wool production have been woven into humankind’s language, religion, and culture since time immemorial. 197 more words


CSUN and Madonna

Tying your school to a celebrity is neat, making fun of a celebrity through your school mascot is awesome. Shoutout to the Big West Conference and California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with what might be the meme of the year so far in college sports. 12 more words


Former racially insensitive Univ. of Illinois mascot pulled from prep hoops performance

The Chief (with correct date). @TuscolaAD @RedskinsAD #tuscola pic.twitter.com/yqVoagj0hV

— Tuscola CUSD #301 (@TuscolaCUSD301) January 2, 2015

Chief Illiniwek was retired from action and any official affiliation with the school in 2007 amidst pressure from local and NCAA officials.

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College Basketball Preview Via Twitter Promotions

College basketball has the unlucky time on the calendar of starting right when college football is king. The result is action on the court doesn’t really become relevant until January. 921 more words

College Basketball

Teen charged for death of bobcat in Tennessee goalpost stunt

A Tennessee teenager has been charged with killing a bobcat out of season in connection with an off-putting school spirit stunt.

As previously reported here and elsewhere, a dead bobcat was found hanging from the goalposts at Tullahoma High School’s stadium in Tennessee. 194 more words


Two Pennsylvania football players kicked off team for 'defacing school property' for wearing mascot head naked

A typical case of immature high school boys being boys delivered much more harsh consequences on Tuesday, when two Pennsylvania football players were banned from their team for what they considered a harmless prank, but officials deemed to be a case of “defacing school property.” 268 more words