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In aftermath of horrific shooting, schools debate Rebels mascot

As the nation continues to grieve the nine lives which were senselessly taken at a church in South Carolina, much of the focus has shifted to the imagery of the Confederacy which still hangs over state capitals and monuments of honor throughout the South, predominantly the traditional “stars and bars” confederate flag. 696 more words

Outside The Box

The Thistle and the Bee

Today’s post comes from the thrilling (?) world of international football aka soccer   Although, to American eyes, soccer sometimes seems to lack critical elements of sport (excitement, skill, scoring, and so forth), it definitely has the most important thing: wacky mascots!  331 more words


Mascot Monday - Washington College

Meet Gus

-Full name: Augustus

-Born: 2011

-Descendant of a goose friend of George Washington

-Gus cheers for the Shoremen/Shorewomen as they compete in the… 45 more words

Hometown Teams

Goose Mascots

Welcome to goose week on Ferrebeekeeper.  This week we are celebrating our big honking feathery friends with some posts about the place of geese in history, the arts, and in mythology…and in the real world too, where they can be found in oceans, ponds, fields, marshes, or the sky noisily eating everything with their serrated bills and um, redistributing nutrients in leal service to the nitrogen cycle. 196 more words


Squid Mythology from Australia

According to 1000 Symbols by Rowena and Rupert Shepherd, “Aborigines in the Wessel Islands of Australia’s Arnhem Land regard the squid as a healer. In their ancestral mythology, the female squid is believed to have created all the features of the landscape and the local family clans. 56 more words


Sheep Mascots

Last week was sheep week on Ferrebeekeeper. I was surprised by the extent to which sheep farming and wool production have been woven into humankind’s language, religion, and culture since time immemorial. 197 more words