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Mascots: A Netflix Not So Original Film

Have you ever watched a movie and after it finished you have no idea what you watched? That’s how I felt after watching the newest Netflix original film  245 more words


Photographs of Military Mascots in WWI

Years before the United States Marine Corps officially adopted the bulldog as its mascot or the United States Military academy adopted the mule, many military regiments adopted mascots and pets. 191 more words


Snoopy Is Now a Shelter Dog

After 31 years (217 in dog years), MetLife has sent snoopy to the pound. The huge corporation is retiring the cartoon canine as its mascot and speechless spokes-puppy. 199 more words


Aunt Arctic Meet-Up Time (11th Anniversary Party)

Club Penguin Activity                                               Monday, October 24, 2016

Aunt Arctic Meet-Up Time (11th Anniversary Party)

Seems maybe some can come to that, but I guess for most of us it’s either early or late depending on timezone. 110 more words


Ep108: Logan Jackman


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This week on the podcast, I had a hearty chat about new trailers ( 134 more words

Jon Negroni

Anthrocon 2016: Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger - YouTube

Long line of fursuiters waiting to get shiny acrylic badges identifying them as fursuiters, right after the convention’s opening ceremony. Really long line. Soooo long.


Triple Bill for the Weekend

Whiling away the weekend, I thought maybe I’d share a threesome of recent pleasures for your weekend entertainment: some music, a movie, and a book that have recently tickled my fancy. 626 more words