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London Olympics 2012 Mascots Wenlock And Mandeville Games Online

London olympics 2012 mascots wenlock and mandeville games online

London 2012 Olympics mascots to for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Seb Coe, London 2012 Wenlock and Mandeville’s adventure will feature London Olympics 2012 Mascots. 346 more words

Akron has a mascot theft problem on its hands

Zippy is gone!

To be more accurate, two Zippies are gone. The University of Akron’s kangaroo mascot team (yes, there’s a full team of adults who dress up like a kangaroo) … 178 more words


Weird World: I'm Hennes The Eighth, I Am -- The Legend Of Soccer's Horniest Mascot

Imagine your club’s manager, after getting completely leathered at a party the night before, awakes to the discovery that he’s now the proud owner of… a billy goat. 484 more words


Mascute, Mascots.

My husband used to work as the “mascot guy”- basically, the guy behind the Jelly Belly mascot. I love mascots.

It was always Sunday when we talk about having our own businesses and dreaming how wonderful it would be if we can provide for our families the life they dream to have. 365 more words


Turns out that Japan is like us: we love mascots

6/5/2017, 5 months and 25 days to the Henrusian YOM.

It turns out that not only our Henrusia is the unique mascot-loving (to the point of complete madness) nation, but then here, we have Japan. 692 more words


Mark Henry vs. The Houston Rockets Mascot Is The Feud We Need Right Now #WWE #NBA

The San Antonio Spurs got walloped by the Houston Rockets in game 1 of their series. The Spurs had a 10 point lead heading into halftime last night but that clearly wasn’t going to be enough to hold off a red hot Rockets team. 80 more words

The Midnight Snack - Monday

Hi, all. It is after midnight and I came home late from this evening’s activities, so the Snack is brief. Some sweet, and some sour. The sour first: 157 more words