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Fatso the Fat-Arsed Wombat

I don’t know what the official mascot of the 2000 Olympic Games, but that doesn’t matter, because the unofficial mascot of the 2000 Olympic Games was this big beautiful boy who represents the best of Australia, and the glory of amateur sport. 4.9/5


The Duracell Bunny: The perfect mascot?

 In the world of Marketing, mascots can contribute heavily to a brands identity. Mascots allow brands to establish a connection with their audience in ways that their products are not able to. 1,125 more words


"Conkering" with Watercolour

Horse Chestnuts, or “conkers” are always a welcome sight and I look forward to painting them at this time of year as they are so evocative of the change in seasons. 153 more words


I like this guy. He’s like a low-fi Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes. Also, his hat has a pig with an eye patch on it. 57 more words



From the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. “Izzy” is short for “Whatizit” which is probably short for “What is it?” Anyway, what it is is a anthropomorphic apostrophe who wears the Olympic rings on most of the grossest parts of his body, including his butt, crotch, and giant eyeballs. Also he poops stars. 0.8/5


Of course it's hot in here..

A year ago you could be fooled into thinking team mascots in the Elite Ice Hockey League had seen their day. With the possible exception of Clangus, Glasgow Clan’s enigmatic, and bizarrely athletic, bovine, mascot popularity seemed pretty low. 1,355 more words

Ice Hockey


Cobi was the mascot for the 1992 games in Barcelona. He’s supposed to be a cubist dog, in the style of Picasso, but if you ask me I feel like he looks like Doug from… 35 more words