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rho llegó a mí el 9 de abril de 2018. fue un gasto innecesario en una responsabilidad colosal. no puedo estar mas contenta tho. es mi vida [él]. 8 more words


hoy es 16 de noviembre, y llevo 7 meses con 5 días junto a Rho, quien ahora forma parte irreversible, irremplazable de mi rutina.


My Son's Football Game From The Eighth Century

Most of the courses I taught were multiple days long. The longest was a two week course. The shortest was just a couple of days. It’s important when a group of trainees will be together for several days it’s important to help them feel comfortable working together. 429 more words

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Mike Leach went off on a delightful 2-minute tangent about Colorado's mascot

Few people appreciate a live college football mascot more than Washington State coach Mike Leach. If given the time, he could probably talk about mascots for hours, and I would listen to all of it. 325 more words


Robinson weighs in on Gritty

The Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot, Gritty, has had its detractors lately. Here’s some of what CRR Matt Robinson, self-appointed CEO of Creek Road Runners, has to say about the wild-eyed, orange-haired dude on skates. 77 more words


University of Illinois Leader Expects Mascot Report Action

URBANA, Ill. (AP) — A top University of Illinois administrator says he expects action within several months on recommendations toward quelling the ongoing turmoil over the school’s former Chief Illiniwek mascot. 119 more words