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Gary Meet-Up Times (Halloween Party 2016)

Club Penguin Activity                                            Friday, September 30, 2016

Gary Meet-Up Times (Halloween Party 2016)

What a spooktacular day. Halloween started early, and that’s the reason why we should add one of his inventions to the ‘failed’ list. 162 more words


Animal experts pick this week's NFL games based on the ferocity of the mascots

The most common way to predict who will win a football game is by figuring out which team is better at the sport and then deciding that the superior team will most likely come out victorious. 1,259 more words


Wool E. Bull's Diary: Entry Two

Dear Diar E.,

Let’s address the elephant (and donkey) in the room: yes, I watched the debate. However, I will not be publicly endorsing a candidate. 221 more words

Durham Bulls

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Cert in Lee v. Tam


This case addresses the same issue brought up by Pro-Football v. Blackhorse (section 2(a) of the Lanham Act), which is currently in the 4th Circuit. 54 more words


St. Louis University president defends terrifying new mascot, says it's going through puberty

The president of St. Louis University tweeted that the school’s new nightmare-inducing mascot is merely just going through a rough time because it recently hit puberty after it received poor reviews following its debut earlier this week. 246 more words