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The King

Not Harald V of Norway, the Burger King one. He was in a series of commercials about ten years ago, where he just kind of appeared and gave people hamburgers, like a reverse Hamburglar. 60 more words


Revisiting Where I Began as a Blogger

Carol A. Hand

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Voices from the Margins, I am sharing one of the first posts I wrote about a life-changing choice I made many years ago to tackle an emotionally laden issue. 2,033 more words

Critical Thinking

Chiitan's management speaks out about copyright issues and future with Susaki City

Chiitan’s management claim a city rep in charge of happiness told them “permission wasn’t needed.” 866 more words


Carlton The Bear Is a God Damned Nothing

Let’s talk about the laziest series of choices a sports franchise has ever made. A series of market research decisions so brain-numbingly banal that when put together in its final form can barely hold its shape in this reality. 507 more words

Japanese convenience store mascot is an otaku who lives with his mom, stuck in an entry-level job

Oh, and 29-year-old Famichiki Senpai is also an anthropomorphic piece of fried chicken with beefy human arms. 692 more words