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The One who wears many faces.

You know, I think I should probably clear this up because I have been assuming that people have some kind of context that they clearly do not. 1,047 more words


Conversations with the self. Feminine power. Not feminist power.

Some of the information I have been channelling recently is uncomfortable for me. It is world’s apart from what I have been taught and conditioned to believe and therefore I have had a real battle within about letting that voice be heard. 392 more words

Channelled From Spirit

Energy Healing beyond the chakras

Good News. I’m making a proper post again. (The Sage is back, Baby.)

You know, there is lots of ‘information’ (or noise, as I put it) about things like chakras, “Spirituality” (it is thrown around. 1,698 more words


Flowers and Towers

I had an idea for some poetic inspiration: find some blank greeting cards with some form of artwork, and write poems based on those images. I think I’ll go as far as to write the finished poems inside the cards, and then leave the cards in some public area for a passerby to mull over. 89 more words

Creating a Veil

When it is said that life is an illusion, it usually refers to the idea that our attachments to our personal identities have created hundreds (or 1000s) of veils, each one adding to our separation from the whole. 1,401 more words

Audio Posts

An Inner Sensation

As humans we have forgotten that we have all the systems within us to fulfill our human purpose. In these times, we tend to use our brain and rational thought for all our decisions and processes. 958 more words

Inner / Outer

Looking At Sexism From An Esoteric Perspective.

I’ve been doing the rounds of the internet  Once again, And listening to people rabble on about everything under the sun. Terroism, Sexism, Gaming, Philosophy, Politics, Depraved Fetishes. 976 more words