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Shift from Fear to Courage and Learning to Live Beyond Illusion

This is the first in our new “TreeBrothers Series” in which we invite the brotherhood into our collective conversation on behalf of the well-developed masculine. This is a guest blog post by Giles Hutchins, author of The Nature of Business as well as The Illusion of Separation. 1,023 more words

Masculine And Feminine

The Celebration of Soul-Filled love and the adoration of the Beloved….. @ Judith Kusel


Posted on May 3, 2015 by Judith Kusel

Love at its very core loves to be celebrated, for it extends exuberant joy, that rapture, the bliss and the infinite euphoria of the coming together of the masculine and feminine God and Goddess within and without. 1,692 more words

Judith Kusel

Adding Power

Man seems to have always been seeking power. Yet perhaps originally that power was internal, or a power that comes from greater connection beyond oneself, rather than a means of physical control of others. 1,062 more words

Inner / Outer

How to feel better during a solar lunar eclipse with color tutorial

Back in Spring 2013 major energy shifted in my life, I experienced that intense eclipsing of the heart.

Boyfriend gone.

Family picked up and moved. 140 more words


Sunday Snapshots

From left to right: 1) Mixing masculine and feminine with a white button down and red lips. 2) Welcome to March! Finally spring is in sight.  41 more words


Waking Times ~ Is Matriotism the Future of the Divine Feminine?

I’m happy to see a creeping acknowledgement of the importance of a major shift in gender relations and a return to appreciating the Goddess energies. This latest post on Waking Times asks important questions and explores evidence of a much more universal Mother culture than modern society likes to admit. 102 more words

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[caption id="attachment_4183" align="alignleft" width="214"]Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan. Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.[/caption] Thanks to Laura Bruno for pointing the way to this excellent article in Waking Times, "Is Matriotism the Future of the Divine Feminine?" by Ethan Smith and Lucy Morales. This is an important read and reflection for anyone who's concerned about the horrible, Life-diminishing imbalances that have been crawling their way across the globe like some sort of living toxic-tar, whether that be what the authors call the poisonously violent "radical patriarchy" or the co-opted, "controlled opposition" feminism that the authors note and define. It'll also be an encouraging read and reflection for the many of us who've been changing our ways, radically simplifying, living into these questions, reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and thus tending the fertile ground for the Sacred Masculine, and embodying and seeding the shift to a healthier, more respectful balance. Laura also mentions one of my Feminine Mojo Show episodes -- series, actually -- that I did a few years ago with John Lash. Though I don't resonate with some of John's more recent work, I still highly recommend his book, Not in His Image, some of the great resources on Metahistory.org, and the first couple of Feminine Mojo shows we did together on the Sophia Myths, Mysteries, and Gifts to us. You'll find the link in Laura's post, but do click through to the Waking Times article she mentions as well -- it invites some perspective-shifting. Have a look; see what stirs in you. Big Love, Jamie

We are One

I cast you out like a shadow into the world. You boomeranged back to me in the form of a man in pain, coiled up in his past, seeking the feminine in every face and gesture, haunted by the absence of the inner woman of his soul. 241 more words