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What is Negative Energy?

The phrase “negative energy” is a buzz-phrase in popular culture and in many spiritual circles. Often it’s equated with vibes, words, and actions from others that we don’t like. 334 more words


Angel Messages January 22 2018

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

I like being balanced, Angels! Thank you!!!

Angel Messages

A Man Speaking Truth

A HUGE Thank you to Bob Russo, a loyal reader of this blog in whom I have found a kindred spirit and spiritual brother and friend. 2,034 more words

Feminine: just BE

The more I proceed along my life’s journey, the more Women I meet, the more I see how much we hold on our shoulders.

Why do we do this? 100 more words


10 great French memory tricks

Is this French verb masculine or feminine?

Try these tips for remembering whether a noun is feminine or masculine in French. Developing memory tricks, especially those that that paint a picture in your mind, is an ideal way of learning and remembering key  language points. 280 more words


Dreams about making love with the boss!

I dreamed of making love with my manager! What does that mean?

This is another fun question I often receive from people after telling them I specialize in dream analysis.

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Your Perfect Partner, Twin Flames ~5th Dimensional Consciousness”

“There is this Longing ~ the Longing of Deep Union.  The longing, is the desire for return to wholeness, while in form.  The return to the original Wholeness, as the Soul. 

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