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Revelations from the Depths of the Psyche

The unconscious realm, the psyche, is a mysterious place. We journey there every night, experiencing strange and unusual things, yet these very things, if we allow them to percolate – sometimes for years in our dream journals or sometimes for a brief meditation session –  can bring us great awakening and healing revelations about ourselves from the dark depths of the psyche. 576 more words


What is Negative Energy?

The phrase “negative energy” is a buzz-phrase in popular culture and in many spiritual circles. Often it’s equated with vibes, words, and actions from others that we don’t like. 334 more words

Angel Messages January 22 2018

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

I like being balanced, Angels! Thank you!!!

Angel Messages

A Man Speaking Truth

A HUGE Thank you to Bob Russo, a loyal reader of this blog in whom I have found a kindred spirit and spiritual brother and friend. 2,034 more words

Feminine: just BE

The more I proceed along my life’s journey, the more Women I meet, the more I see how much we hold on our shoulders.

Why do we do this? 100 more words