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What I Learned About My North American Culture While Living In Europe

I am Canadian, North American born and raised. This past semester I studied abroad in the Netherlands among people from all over Europe and, maybe it’s the inner journalist in me, I couldn’t help but constantly compare my home culture with the one I was immersed in. 595 more words

Talking to girls

I was bored and perusing Facebook when I came across this interesting blog post.

The fact that we talk to girls and boys differently shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but it should upset us all. 620 more words


Physical theatre Waltzes right through masculinity narrative

By Chelsea Haith

Intense and jarring, the performers leapt and stomped out a disjointed and frenetic performance in Waltz, a physical theatre inspection of masculinity and citizenship. 411 more words


July 11

The line would stretch around the whole outside of Barnes and Noble on 75th and Bell if McGraw-Hill released a textbook on love.
Its title: 605 more words


Any Girl Can Be Attractive*

“Boys think girls are like books. If the cover doesn’t catch their eye they won’t bother to read what’s inside.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Attractive women are everywhere. 91 more words

Zen And Debauchery

Why We Need Rites of Passage

The last year has been spent outlining the phases of a rite of passage as well as the concepts that define the mature masculine and ought to be taught in liminal space. 685 more words