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ROTTERDAM – There was a dramatic pause that lasted slightly too long, as if everyone was half-heartedly expecting a quiet thumbing resonating and some muffled protests from the wooden casket that was so charmingly the center of everyone’s current attention span. 1,697 more words

How can we get single men and husbands to be interested in church and ministry?

Consider this passage from William Lane Craig’s April 2013 newsletter, which made me very excited and happy. (H/T Triablogue)

Here it is:

One overwhelming impression of these engagements is the way in which the intellectual defense of Christian faith attracts men.

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The Myth of Feminism

(Oh, boy! Here come the comments).

One of the worst plights on modern society is feminism. I know, feminism kept women from being slaves and blah, blah, blah. 1,104 more words


Masculinity and Sexual Identity …aka She’s Not That Into You, and Neither is He.

by Guest Writer: Mona-Deen Supria

The world is full of contradictions – that is a fact that we can neither run away from, nor argue in most instances. 903 more words


Shake Ups to Wake Ups

Dudes hug. Simple as that. We–as in black men ‘we’–use euphemisms like “shake up” instead of hug, but just because the act begins with a handshake doesn’t negate the fact it ends in a kind of hug. 646 more words

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Edinburgh FringeReview 2015: Fake It 'Til You Make It

Written and originally hosted at FringeReview. Link: http://fringereview.co.uk/review/edinburgh-fringe/2015/fake-it-til-you-make-it-3/

Bryony Kimmings discovers her partner, Tim, suffers with depression. As part of the treatment, we are welcomed to listen to their personal story, as the recount the swings and roundabouts that come from living with mental illness. 534 more words