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Feminism is Useless


Been a minute since I’ve written, really sorry, blah blah blah. I’m not sorry, life has been hard for the last few months. 1,237 more words


Toxic Masculinity and Radicalization

I wrote a piece arguing that gender, specifically toxic masculinity, needs to be taken into account when we study radicalization for jihadis. It was published by The Islamic Monthly and can be found here. 

Houston, T.M. 2012. "The Homosocial Construction of Alternative Masculinities."

Houston, Taylor Martin. 2012. “The Homosocial Construction of Alternative Masculinities: Men in Indie Rock Bands.” The Journal of Men’s Studies 20(2): 158-175.

“while the men upheld certain hegemonic gender norms inside and outside of the scene, within the subculture they report constructing alternative masculinities through homosocial interactions and gender strategies involving their bodies and performances” (158) – gender is contextual/fluid, homosocial relations can act as sites to challenge hegemonic masculinity, not just reinforce it. 1,370 more words

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Sargent, C. 2009. "Playing, Shopping, and Working as Rock Musicians."

Sargent, Carey. 2009. “Playing, Shopping, and Working as Rock Musicians: Masculinities in ‘De-Skilled’ and ‘Re-Skilled’ Organizations.” Gender & Society 23(5): 665-687.

Masculinities are contextual based on organization (and may produce wide range of masculinities within these contexts – see Dellinger 2004 – and organizational/occupationally-based interpretations of sexuality – see also Lerum 2004; Trautner 2005), shaping how, even within the same occupation/organization, the gendering of work may vary/be shaped – here, organizational culture driven by “masculinist fantasies of the rock musician lifestyle” (665).  1,316 more words

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3 Steps to Process PTSD (and Come Back Fighting!)

The research and findings around trauma is nothing short of fucking fascinating.

Brutal as living with the consequences of PTSD can be, understanding the physical and neural processes at play has been a key part of learning to process, combat and conquer traumatic childhood beatings and near-death experiences for me. 2,220 more words