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Why are Men Violent?

Hint: It’s not testosterone.
by Alexis Takahashi

Many people think of violence and aggression as natural, biological aspects of being a man. But science paints a different picture about the origins of male aggression. 1,276 more words

Only Fags Bottom: Recreating toxic masculinities in queer communities

By Anthony J. Williams.

No fats, no femmes; Masc4Masc; sane only; clean only; no Blacks; Latin papis++; discreet; daddies; bears; twinks; PnP; top; bottom; vers. 896 more words


The Chrysler Turbine Car Reflects Bygone Era of American Greatness

Imagine, a jet-powered car. Chrysler made it a reality back in the 1960s, even though the idea was unfortunately short lived. The Chrysler Turbine is just what the name says – a jet turbine powered car. 716 more words


Men will be Men

Men are probably the most intriguing topic to deliberate on. Please read this post with a caveat that while my tone may seem as perpetrating… 680 more words

Life In General

Brothers In Arms

Philip suffers. Therefore, he is. Philip says he is in love, and I say it’s with the wrong girl. Therefore he may soon wish he never were. 2,269 more words


Bill Nye The Red Pill Guy

Budding Red Pill knowledge on the manosphere is to behavioural science what bit like alchemy is to chemistry, informal theories are developed from informal observations of human behaviour until the science catches up with either a confirmation or refutation. 70 more words


Lekkers and losers

It will not be news to readers of this blog that I take a keen interest in popular literature on the subject of gender and communication. 1,900 more words