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Shoot First, Ask Questions Never: The Great Massacre Epidemic

I started writing this piece just one week ago, when the news broke all over social media that there had been another college campus shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. 972 more words

Stuff Sarah Says

Mass Shootings, Gun Control, And Masculinity

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. There is a great deal of truth in this, er, truism. But having acknowledged that, one can then move on to ask: why do so many people kill people in the US? 555 more words


Deadly Consequences of Hyper-Masculinity in the Media

Masculinity.  The Free Dictionary defines “masculine” as, “characterized by or possessing qualities traditionally attributed to men, such as aggressiveness.  I find it interesting that out of all of the characteristics of masculinity (independence, non-emotional, competitiveness, etc.), they used aggressive.  1,009 more words

MENtal Health

Depression affects 840,000 men every year in Canada, and is the second leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects men at any time in their life, including… 199 more words


Would You Let Your Son Wear a Girl's Halloween Costume?

A three-year-old boy wants to be Elsa from Frozen this Halloween and he wants his dad to dress up like Anna. His dad’s been getting some backlash about letting his son wear a dress. 50 more words


Brotherhood, Respect, Originality: #BROcamp2015

What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? How do the sights and sounds of our everyday lives influence our perceptions of masculinity? 2,396 more words