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Fear vs Panic

In one of my favorite movies, Chasing Mavericks, Jay and Frosty are diving in the water practicing holding their breath ( Jay needs to get to four minutes to even consider surfing the Mavericks) and as the are about to come up for air, a great white shark swims above them.  1,412 more words

Spiritually Fit

Christmas Shopping & Gender

This past Friday I was about 1% prepared for Christmas in all of the possible ways:  no gifts purchased, no decorations hung, no cards written, no cookies baked. 807 more words

Thought Club

The Church of Cravings: Thirsting for the wrong Savior

I love pizza.  I love pasta.  I love bread.  These three constitute the holy trinity of Italian gluttony, the three objects whose power over me is great.  731 more words


Five Situations I Do Not Know How To Handle

I cannot handle generosity. I am incapable. I know it’s my failing, not that of the people around me; I’m not that self-absorbed (says the man writing a blog about the workings of his own mind, hoping against hope that some people will read it). 1,146 more words


Quoted for truth and being zeroed out

By Looking Glass

We’re at a pivot point within all Western cultures. We’re clearly headed for interior wars before 2050. They are going to be ugly and you’re likely to still be around when they start. 1,071 more words

Meds have helped

I barely post on this anymore, but the medication I’m taking has definitely worked, I feel a lot better and a lot calmer.