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Why Men and Women Fight, Part 2

If you take how men and women view the world and how they arrive at what they know (see blog post titled: Why Men and Women Fight, Part 1) into relationship, you get some hotly contested battles. 578 more words


Fear and Lonely: The grips of depression in the depths of comfort

I’m scared and alone. Cold and lonely. Anxiety racks my brain, sending a flood of hormones and electrical signals through my body. I should be running, climbing, fighting. 867 more words


speaking less baldly

There’s only so many puns I can offer on being kind of bald, apparently.
This post has two streams: femininity, visibility.

I am less bald than I was. 599 more words

Johnny Guitar (1954)- Feminist or Antifeminist?

Johnny Guitar is the first western I have watched with a strong female protagonist that acts in a dominating and powerful way. She is featured on more posters for the film than the character the film is named after, Johnny. 447 more words

Word and Worthiness

“So no man can call
Himself wise, ere he’s aged
A deal of years in this world.
The wise must be patient,
Not too impulsive, 401 more words


Hyperborean Renaissance

(This post was written in answer to a question posed on my YouTube channel, Hyperborean Renaissance.)

Lately I’ve been making endeavors to do more. To write more, to lift more, to illustrate more, to do more ritual work. 490 more words


On Brotherhood

Something that I feel is not mentioned as often as it should be is the importance of masculinity in the aspect of a tribal and/or group affiliation. 1,019 more words