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Masculinity has Changed

What is the modern definition of masculinity? Cultural shifts have changed the definition of masculinity. Many men now define masculinity by being educated and muscular. 215 more words


Masculine Monday- Sympathy And Understanding

One of the hurdles that men face today in navigating the Marriage Marketplace is the widespread ignorance of most people where the MMP is concerned. For a variety of reasons most of the people that a man interacts with don’t have a clue how the MMP really works. 389 more words

Red Pill

Seeing Manhood In Action Is A Thing of Beauty

First, I’d like to apologize for this being a little late.  Yesterday afternoon, my town was slammed by yet another nasty storm.  This one had a particularly deadly tornado attached to it.   601 more words

Manly Philosophy

An Emasculating Protest

90 years ago, the socialist psychoanalyst Alfred Adler set out his theory of the masculine protest and inferiority complex, two ideas that have, to varying extents, become part of the common vernacular. 1,095 more words


Adam's Apple

Little boy blue, stick out your chest.
Dry your eyes, for you are a man,
forged to resist sticks and stones that
would break the weaker sex. 139 more words


Feminism - my debut

Everywhere I go, I am told to act like a girl, however,

I don’t wear skirts;
I don’t wear makeup;
I don’t wear pink;
I don’t wear a bra when unnecessary; 286 more words

Dating Wisely 1.26: Beware of Emotional Cut-off, Part 1

Beware Emotional Cut-off

Dating Wisely Concept #10: Beware of Emotional Cut-off follows directly from Dating Wisely Concept #9: Study Your Family Projection Process… 546 more words