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I want to be like my granddad

not this on edge battle

constantly within

I want to be one of those men

who is calm and collected… 160 more words


The Rise and Fall of "Masculinity" in Print Frequency

Based on a Google Books search, the word masculinity in written publication appears to be a century-old phenomenon, rising from almost zero frequency in the late 1800s, then doubling and tripling each decade of the 1900s. 482 more words


Never Men (2)

Continued from Part 1

Was it that simple? I wondered. Was all it took to make it to manhood, simply falling in love?

I had to smile. 1,985 more words


The Maleness Question 

Do all males have male privilege?
Does the possession of a penis afford you power in society that people without a penis do not have? 572 more words


Profiles in Positive Masculinity: Jimmy Carter

Similar to my profile of Justin Trudeau, this is not about who James Earl Carter Jr. was as President of the United States. I’m more interested in someone who can maintain their integrity, even having risen to the highest position in the most powerful nation on Earth. 588 more words