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The past five days I have spent roadtripping, climbing mountains, hiking, making campfires, having theological and spiritual conversations with eleven other college students, two catholic missionaries, and a monk who is one heck of an SOB (Son of Benedict). 1,208 more words


Healthy Relationships: A Person is A Process 1.2

Internal Dimensions

A person is not only shaped by the external system of which he or she is a part (see last two posts), he or she is also comprised of his or her… 461 more words


If You're Going to Use Cocaine, Get Some Viagra

This crossed my mind this morning as I was doing my daily exercise. Now, I’m no expert on cocaine but I do like to do some blow when I’m fucking a girl who is fun to be around, but if she likes to do it, too. 514 more words


A Conversation with Michael Sam

by Benjamin Collinger

When Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 NFL draft, he became the first openly gay athlete to play a major American sport. 651 more words

Politics & Society

Gender War - What Goes Around Comes Around

The problem with a gender war is that what goes around comes around. It may be used today for winning elections and changing the hands of economic power. 305 more words


The Election: Boys Are Watching, But Are Parents Saying Anything Meaningful?

“The routine use of dehumanizing descriptions of people who Trump “others” has caused anxiety, despair, and anger in many people. In terms of women—many of whom are already affected by his xenophobic and racist rhetoric—his language is not only denigrating, but, because he is directly competing with a woman, often mimics the linguistic patterns of… 241 more words

The (wo)Man of the House

Gender is weird. Coming from a sociological background I’m obligated to say it’s also a construct more than it’s a black-and-white, tangible thing. For the most part, my personal experiences with gender have to do with appreciating the woman parts of me and hopefully lifting up other folks who identify as such. 1,164 more words