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Terrorism and Mass Media

I found Sue Malvern’s article, “Terrorist Transgressions: Exploring the Gendered Representations of the Terrorist” extremely influential. The article enlightened me on the multiple explanations and analysis of the terrorist as well as the study of the circulation of the terrorist in mass media, literature, and visual culture. 270 more words

Day 35

Was in a rush with this one and boy did it come out looking nothing like me. Lines are such delicate things.


Nice Guys Get No Respect

It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book “nice guys finish last”. But why? What makes nice guys finish last?

Typically the “nice guy” is the one women tend to reject, these are the pleasers, the ones that are too far into the oneitis mentality (you should know by now that “the one” does not exist). 591 more words


On feeling sorry for boys

As a mother of three boys, I have been blessed / cursed with more than my fair share of advice on raising human beings of the opposite sex. 978 more words


Life as a Cinder-Biter

“Norwegians at that time lived in long communal houses, not unlike the houses of the West Coast Indians . . . It turned out that young men would sometimes lie down in that space between the fire and the ash pile, and stay there two or three years . 539 more words