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On Feminist Theory: Patriarchy

Get the Big one out of the way

I thought I’d start with the one that gets the most attention in feminism, because it’s sort of used by opponents and skeptics alike to decry a form of irrationality in feminism, particularly toward an unjustified sentiment of oppression that could very easily be explained away as “classism” by the more radical socialists of the left, who tend toward a universal analysis of inequality, rather than gender-specific. 2,888 more words


The Sigma Male:Become A King Slayer

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The proliferation within the manosphere of socio-sexual status markers has been around for awhile.  1,047 more words


Whats going on

This is the first blog post in a while. I am starting to be more disciplined, organised, and make more progress. However there is one downside – I am on multiple medications at any given time to get through the day…I think ill have a wash out or break once uni is over, this is just difficult as the psych meds have changed my mood quite a bit (for the better) how ever this has made me stress free and relaxed so I need to adjust to this new way of thinking and my mindset is currently changing slowly. 87 more words


An extract from a Journal of a misogynist

I hate women. I am subdued at the presence of fellow men and strong women. I shrink at anyone that I think is better than me.   541 more words


Ari Gold: A Guide to Being a Good Businessman

HBO’s hit show, Entourage, is a “staple on college campuses”, as students idolize the lives of the rich and powerful.  Some envy the young, handsome movie star, Vincent Chase, as he makes millions of dollars on films and has sex with an uncountable number of young, beautiful women.   2,424 more words