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Saturday Tea & Feminism

It’s a holiday in both the US and UK this weekend. I’m off to visit extended family. I hope you are doing something fun too! 111 more words


The War On Men

There is no such thing as the War on Women. There is no such thing as the patriarchy. Shocking statements, nonetheless.  Feminism has instructed generations of Americans that male dominance exploits and discriminated against pure, innocent women. 1,100 more words

Force Lux Imperium Imperius

Would I have to leave you
for Space?
When the cities were sick.
Choking, polluted messes,
discarded, but still not discarded.
Of course, like all great shit shows, 107 more words


The Power of the Head Nod

The head nod is a powerful thing.

I experienced it six different times on my morning commute to the office in downtown Toronto yesterday. Each one of those times, in the midst of horde of humanity jostling through Union Station, a stranger and I intentionally made eye contact and greeted one another in the slightest, yet most profound way. 953 more words

Maastricht Week 2

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for posting so late again! I hope you all have been having a great week!

This week has been actually pretty normal for me, which includes Nutella, work, and trombone. 755 more words

Christianity and the Crisis of Masculinity

The question, “What does it mean to be a man?” has occasioned a severe crisis in modern masculinity. It is a crisis first of all because men are largely uncertain of the answer. 2,245 more words



What do you really want to be?

A bodybuilder? A father? Lady’s man?

Author? Musician? Crossing guard?

When you tell yourself you’re going to dedicate time, money and stress into something, you’re taking a leap of faith. 284 more words