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Biz: Audition in two Weeks

Kinda happy I always follow up to all submissions—its this one local director I just constantly followed up with…and he contacted me for an audition for A.Wilson’s “Jitney”—role of Rena. 17 more words

Biz: Taking New Headshots... Local Acting Class...So I'm Happy :)

Kinda happy—For a while I have needed to get some headshots with my hair down. The current headhot that I have so prepares me for a “time piece ONLY”—I am thinking like a project by ALex Haley or so :) I am not exactly sure why I wore my hair back—but HEY I get to take some new ones. 111 more words

Life: The Actor's Opinion

America is a beautiful country. I love how people can exercise their right to voice their opinions to the world and so forth. Today, actor Jon Voight was on TV and he was saying how great Sarah was in the debate, and how currupt Barack Obama was…Then the journalist asked Jon how was Sarah great? 567 more words


Biz: Sunday Open Call :)

I went to an open call this afternoon in Winston, for a feature film, ” the 5th Quarter”. Who knows if I will get a call back or not. 128 more words


Education: Working Quality Actors

Starting on Labor Day weekend, as I mentioned in a previous post—I have started to study two films a week. I watch these films to learn from actor’s techniques. 277 more words


Biz: The Truth vs. Being Nice...Play It By Intuition

I was surfing the net the other day and I found this old article in Backstage. This new actor submitted a question for random people to answer—about Pilot season. 358 more words

Life: Getting ready is the Key

I am not sure how I began my evaluation of my year so far, but oddly it started after I watched Michelle Obama introduce herself formally to the world last night at the DNC. 284 more words