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Montreal comedians posing as Stephen Harper prank call UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Former victims include Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears and Sarah Palin.

This week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the ranks of those pranked by a Quebec radio station, his office confirmed. 348 more words


Intelligence Quotient…

This might be the next President of The United States… I admire the system that enables people like George Bush and Sarah Palin to be successful politicians, there is serious reason to believe that they make sure that the people in  the front in US are actually stupid! 734 more words

American Politics

5.7 The Seventh Day: Six more fascinating characters

So here are some of the folks who didn’t make the cut this week, but certainly deserve a little attention:

The Irish Voter.  This year, the voters of one small country (Ireland) decided the fate of Europe’s critical Lisbon Treaty, which represented some key policy changes in voting standards, defense, and representation for the European Union.   375 more words

Most Fascinating Characters Of 2008

Palin Gets Pranked

Sarah Palin was prank called by two hosts from a Quebec radio station, known as The Masked Avengers, on Saturday. The Masked Avengers are known for prank calling celebrities and this time they posed as French President… 104 more words