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Seeing Through ALL of Your Charades...

No matter how hard you’d, disguised yourself, you still, got found, didn’t you??? Yup, ‘cuz, there, ain’t NO escape!!!

Seeing through ALL of your charades, that, is what had happened, and the moment that someone gets in, your world started, crumbling down, and what you thought was definite, well, it isn’t, not anymore, is it? 172 more words

Encounters In Life

In this company, we don't do this

I read somewhere on LinkedIn that we should not talk about politics or private life.  The French have a very beautiful way of putting it: … 447 more words

Leadership And Skills

Settling for Happy

This seemed to be a great “end goal”, being happy, right??? So, why do we settle for it, instead of, strive for it, like a goal? 152 more words

The Self